Tuesday, October 22, 2013

College Essay Service

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Not everyone is endowed with the talent in writing. All it takes is the help from college essay service. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Looking for gig attire

Party always makes me weird. I am so worried what to wear on. I want to look extraordinarily fashionable and that is why, I have searched so much out from what I really want to wear.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Clients with Fluid Imbalance (notes)

Medical Surgical Volume 1
(August 2, 2013 – Friday)

Unit 3 – Foundation of Medical Surgical Nursing
Chapter 11 - Clients with Fluid Imbalances

-body Fluid Compartments and Exchange
-water – major body component – 60% of adult body weight
-body gains water by eating, drinking and metabolism
-water is lost as urine, feces, sweat, tears and from respiration and skin surface
-sweat and saliva are dilute, hypotonic fluids
Most of other fluids in the body are isotonic and have an osmolarity close to that of plasma
-water must cross an epithelial cell barrier (skin, respiratory tract or gastrointestinal tract) to enter or exit the body
Within the body, water is in 2 compartments:
1. 2/3 of the body water is within the cells (intracellular fluid)
2. 1/3 of the body water is outside the cell (extracellular fluid)

-water can cross freely the cell membrane and move from one compartment to the other

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When in the middle of much excitement

I admit it. I am addicted to this kind of game that has something to do with the picture above. I always find the kind of excitement to give myself a break after feeling much stresses in school. Playing with this is my pastime.

It is like a great achievement when I am in level up because it means that I have conquered and even met the desired goal of the level that I have played. The game gradually becomes difficult as the level rises. And now, I am at my 96.

I am like playing and thinking that I have really do surpass and meet the goal and fortunately, I accomplished them. My mind is working. I find moves that are appropriate that every fall would mean success. I feel excited as if I am in the level of feeling with much delight. In the middle of the game, the pursuance to activate my mind keeps on leveling up because I am after of my moves in order for the chance given will not all be consumed and there is no "retrys". But in the middle of the excitement, when all are consumed, I have it when the time sets to strike. Now, I have to wait many minutes in order to wait for game to be activated. This kind of punishment is indeed waiting. I have to wait for more minutes. And I have to because I am in the middle to too much excitement that I am ready to strike with all my might, attacking the next level. Then, sad feelings drop. What a life indeed!

Life has to transcend in waiting and even waiting even more while you are working and working. When the time is over, then the play goes on. Play, wait, go on!

Patience is tested in this kind of game. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Smile and the world will smile at you

There is no reason to be frown everyday. Life always have its ups and downs and when you are feeling down that the world seems so heavy, give yourself a break, smile!

The way we handle things and situations always boils down to the kind of choice that would drive us to go to the saddest life or to the happier ones. It is all in the state of mind. The way we decide to choose our daily path of dealing with things has something to do with our future. Being positive is to always take things with a smile. It is a big indication that no matter how life seem to be unfair or how uncertainties strike to ruin our day, still, we are reminded to smile. 

Smile is for free. Why not share it. Life is not fair to be frown.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The essence of giving

Giving is sharing. In giving, it is always accompanied with the sincere act of  sharing a thing that is intended for the person who receives it. The kind of thing being shared matters to me especially when what is given is already out of its timeline.

What I have experienced today makes me think that giving is not for the sake of sharing and all is "worth-fully" done. There need to be the essence of truer giving and that the thing being shared is not expired.  For in this case, if that is the intention, then it is not the act of sharing that has been the purpose of the giver, rather it is the act for the sake of giving for the purpose of labeling that giving without minding what is the state of the nature of the thing being given.

To give is not just for the sake that you give. There should be the heart in the center of it. It is not merely that one gives, then all the rest is up to the person. In giving, sharing is the most to be considered. Why is this so?

1. Don't share when you just give without checking the state or the condition of the thing that you have to give.
2. Share heartily and with a purpose that you share not because you can gain or owe something to the someone.
3. Do not prone yourself to share with people who are close to you. The ones that we neglected oftentimes are those that in the latter sense are the ones who are always there for us to lend a hand.
4. Share with gladness in your heart. It is good to give with a smile. Frowns are discriminators in giving and they just spoil our day out.
5. Do not make sharing nor giving a way to trap a person of making transactions easier for you then especially when you ask for favors. The ones that are winning are those that making no monetary or involving the nature of giving an asset of settling things for fast track. One should work hard to attain what one wants not in the process of giving in order to gain something.
6. Respect the receiver because even though you are the sender, the person who receives the gift is not a dump who couldn't be able to understand what is the business or your motive behind what you give.
7. Never allow giving nor sharing a vice. Spoiling someone when giving or sharing means you are making people lazy. It is proper to give or share at the right time and for the right reason.
8. Discard the concept of winning friends when you give. Friends are always at your side when you do have lots of money to share to them, but if you run out of cash for them to enjoy, they are nowhere to be found.
9. Always think of yourself when you give. Don't paired giving with the riding idea of making the kind of act just for the sake of. It is not about showing what you got that capture to define its meaning. It is the nature of reminding yourself that "can you afford to give this to someone"-thing. Never connote being social-climbers in the process of sharing.
10. Thank you. Always appreciate that even though you are the sharer, the giver, you have the determination and enthusiasm to give because not everyone has the concern and love for everyone. People don't trust individuals when it comes to sharing. It is not inseparable that when one shares, there is a paired request or returns of act that the giver will expect from the sender, a favor per se.

That is why, I end up thinking this day, "Is it because a person has given something to me for the sake of giving?", "Is there a kind of request that has been paired along in this thing, maybe not for now but for the coming days?", etc.

In this world, there is something like a "hidden ground" out of giving and it is up to the receiver to unlock the meaning. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Remembering my Mother (06-19-04)

Tomorrow is the death anniversary of my mother, Teresa "Bebing" Abucay. My sister and I will go to the cemetery. We will bring flowers and candles.  We will say our prayers to the Lord as well.

I really miss my mother so much. It is not just during her death anniversary that I miss her. My countless missing of her will go on until forever. I even dream of my mother. I remember her everyday and when I feel downs in life, her presence, I longed.

My mother died from a cancer, Myoma (stage 4). It was last June 29, 2004 that she passed away. Her struggle of the disease is horrible. At those times, I can feel her deep pain that she almost tolerates to bear it.

One thing that my mother says before she died that I also will not forget until now is when she says, "The world is so beautiful. I want to live more."

It is so hurtful for me, who at those times is just 22  years old. That was the year that I freshly graduated from college. I will not forget that. My mother was not able to attend my big day because she is resting at home due to the excruciating pain of her abdomen. I am excited at that time that maybe my mother can do it in attending my graduation, but she was not there. And I understand that.

Before she died, there was a snake that accidentally got inside the house. While my mother is slowly doing something in the kitchen, she shouted going out from the place and said to us that she saw a cobra under the sink. Luckily, our neighbors helped my father in killing the snake. On the second day after that, my mother died in the hospital.

At first, it was really painful for me to accept that I can't be able to see mother anymore. On that day after the burial, as I woke up in the morning, I imagined that she is at the kitchen, preparing the meals. I looked at the whole place in our house, reflections of her mirror like she is really personally alive. It took me almost 2 years to really accept that she is gone.

The process of my acceptance of the loss of my mother is not easy. I cried and cried. I always go to the cemetery, talking to her like as if she is really alive. I visit at the cemetery almost everyday. Suddenly tears on my face swiftly runs everytime I remember her, especially at night.

It was really a hard struggle for me. Even until now, when I am really tired about many things, and I want to share them, I am always wishing and hoping that my mother is here. I longed of her. I miss her so deeply.

But in spite of all, I have realized and totally accepted that she is really gone and she is not with us anymore. She is with the Lord in Heaven. I can feel and I know it.

I love my mother so much. That is why, I am doing my best for my sisters and my father. I am doing my best to help our family. I love my mother so much and I miss her everyday.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I see myself through others

Mirage of reflections welcome me everyday. Lots of displayed emotions captivate to let me know that I was once like you and I was with you.

Encountering numerous faces everyday gives me warm welcomes of "applauses", the kinds of applause that brings me to joy and needless to say, pain. Pain in a way that I empathized others that to the point that I could come up feeling their pain because they are struggling to the maximum and I am like so blessed to have enjoyed more in life.

Life is like a transcending color of reflections. These colors come from a variety of faces. It may be dimly black that it seems like all the pains set in. It may be colorfully green and yellow that in spite of the misfortunes, there is still the hope that leads to a better home. It is sometimes gray that there is no point in transcending to a kind of situation that spells to provide people of the right choice. It just indicates that merely one has to live life and take it as it is, with no options in mind. It is somewhat in the shades of blue that seems like the burden of the world is on me. It may appear pinkishly girly or manly in black.

Reflections of others even in various colors, I do experienced. No matter what the color may be, it is the kind of aspirations that I choose to enjoy and accept whatever it is in a way that I realize that I view myself in others.

Life is indeed a reflection. 

Online IT degree: Way to quality education

Earning to have a degree is one of the most valuable dream everyone is aspiring to enjoy for no one really wants to stay stagnant without knowledge to face life's approaches and its demands of survival. 

Let us face this reality that not all can go to school because working in order to earn a living is their prime task to face their everyday life, which of course, they make this reason their priority. Due to this very most aspect of reality, here set in the presence of online degrees in order to cater the needs of the people that despite their busy life, they can still insert to earn a degree.

The online IT degree is one of the offered degree that busy people can enroll even though they are at their busy schedules. Online IT degree sets to give education at its main role that is available for everyone, no matter how hectic they are in their other businesses. This online educational system spells availability out from stretching people busy schedules to the point that they can have their lessons according to their preferred time online. Thus, since this is an online degree, the use of computer services is highly a demand. 

Education is not to be selfish. It should be distributed and even enjoyed by everyone. No portals of borders that should block the way of education. Time, the basis of enjoying the availability of educating oneself and it is through this process that online IT degree understands that people to enjoy the right kind of education out from their busy lives.

Friday, June 14, 2013

It is just like a deja vu.

I always have this feel like I am always in a deja vu. I don't know if this is just some kind of imagination, or a sort of just an experience that it keeps me hauting now or reminded me that it already happened or it will happen in the future.

I have noticed in myself that there is a form of events that draws like a picture in my mind and then I know that it surely did not happen, but then it happens in my acquaintances in the future, but not in a long time. It quickly happens like tomorrow, next week or days so. Then, I say that I have that incidence in my mind.

I don't know if this is like a prediction or that I am just so good in anticipating what might going to happen in the future when I do something or when I have seen an action of events that portrays impact of possibilities of occurences.

I never do exaggeration when I think. It always keeps me reminded that this kind of "potential" in me is sort or part of psychology in me.

 Oftentimes, I love being this way. I enjoy seeing things the way it is reflected on my mind. It is like a sure prediction that it is going to happen or it is just like a mere deja vu.
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