Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let Down Your Pride

Let Down Your Pride

Written by: Arleen
Date Written: October 26, 2008, Sunday
At home; 10:22 in the morning

When you think
Your fight is losing
Lower down your pride

When you want
Exposing your professional stability
To display your selfish acts
Let down your pride

When you fly
To show how high you flung
Cool down
Have peace in mind

When you force
Open your book
For many to know
Lower down your pride

When you step
Step at the steep
You may fall too deep
Lower down your pride

Instinct dictates
How far you soar
Pride is your foe
Brings you in vain

True heart, smiles

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Poems, My Diary

Written by: Arleen
Date Written: October 26, 2008, Sunday
At home; 10:39 in the morning

Little did I know
Extraordinary things as these
Flourish to write
Reflections of me

Whenever these little experiences
To think, travel me
Widen my horizons
Unleash the limits in me

Encountering faces of people
Sad and low
Happy and gay
Depressed or lonely
The ink keeps to strike
Such ceaseless strokes

Travel by far
Hurt by life
Believe to soar
The wisdom in me
My treasure, my life

Such little things
Simplicity comes
And I thank Thee

Thursday, October 23, 2008

On His Goodness

On His Goodness

Written by: Arleen
Date Written: October 26, 2008, Sunday
At home; 9:28 in the morning

The warm embrace of the nature
Swaying of the trees,
Singing of the birds,
Shining of the sun,
Cooling of the air,
Growing of the plants,
Breathing of the living,
Smiles my world today

Upon this tranquil refuge
My soul finds light

The wrath of sinner’s eyes
Killing the spirit,
Tightening one’s pride,
Clinging on to lust,
Aiming corporeal substance,
Powering egoistic achievements,
Reaching to aggression,
Ruins many souls today

For the deaf of us to learn
Reality covers the fake

Blinded by the truth
To live in insanity
Spirits die

Thunder of extreme madness
This world will fade
Slowly diminishing
Like a fire of never-ending

The One yield His LOVE
That tongues may feed,
Ears may hear,
Nose may breath,
Eyes may see,
To choose to live

Though many hearts of us
Been blinded to receive
But on His goodness
He chooses us to live

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Written by: Arleen
Date Written: October 8, 2008

Miles walk its length
A lyre of resounding tune
Laid the amber’s rose
Of good news adore

The meets of every line
A niche of every memory
The nest to settle in
To me did soar

The open arms
Extend its wings
Lift high, move up
Lighten down

Brethren we are
And we cling to one pledge
Nowhere distances we be
We linger on

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Written by: Arleen
Date Written: October 6, 2008

The fresh acquaintances
Created with quick device
“Hi!”, “Hello!”
And various utterances
A stranger to my eyes

A soul stands peculiar
To me displays a saucy quality
"Yap!” “Huh?” “Oh!” “Yeah!”
And other deep aversions
Tattooed my mind of jocose conversation

Warned by an angel’s breath
To show a high regard
This “little stone” of immeasurable generosity
To numerous individuals
Paved to respect with great dignity

The cautions of an angel
Shifts the soul’s mood to light
Soften now
Label me
But peace resides deep in me

Monday, October 20, 2008

Simply Me

Written by: Arleen
September 22, 2008, Monday

How greatful is the Waterbearer
That flows in the eyes of many
And doesn't care about being alone
And being single never fears
Whose water of cooling blue
A flowing abundance go through
And independent as the sun
Associates or shines alone
Fulfilling ultimate purpose
In casual happiness

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's When

Written by: Arleen
September 20, 2008

It's when...
I walked through the house of a friend
When I remembered YOU

It's when...
The deepest sorrow and grief of every faces
Was seen in the eyes of the family

It's when...
The tears fall down on my face, on your face, on their faces
Painted with bitter feelings

Its' when...
The feeling of longingness
Tightened to hug if presence be real
Just a deep sense of missing

It's when...
The absence of your presence
Makes me feel empty in a corner

It's when...
I can't hold the time of tomorrow
But still holding on

It's when...
I miss you
And every little thing reminds me of YOU

It's when...
You taught me to grow in love and be humble

It's when...
You shared your life to me

It's when...
I long for YOU

TIME is passing...
LIFE is borrowed...


This poem was made after I have visited last day the burial of my teacher's brother. I remebered my mother.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Matter of Questioning?


On Being Single: A Matter of Questioning?
Written by: Arleen
Written last September 20, 2008

Just these few months (August and present September) led me to contemplate and took me to think for awhile. "Why other people (especially my co-teachers) worried very much of my being single?"
I walk alone, with friends, with my family. It makes me happy all the time being with these precious persons that I have. I work my job well and I enjoyed - The children and the school. I love teaching and be with the children especially watching them grow. But still the question lingers - Are you completely happy? Are you too very busy? Are you looking for a standard person? Then suddenly, they said, "You should be happy and give time to yourself especially to open your heart to someone who comes".

I'm a very happy and friendly person, determinated and seroius with my work. At first, I hesitate to entertain their questions until such time that my ego was touched. They find ways to spread my numbers to other person for me to have textmated (but I never entertain such) because I hold on to what I believe to wait in God's due time. Why should they worry as of my part, I'm very blessed and happy of the good persons surrounded me - my family and friends. Is it a thing to be worried upon? I don't take chances in rushing things which I find to awkward for me to do or injest. I do my thing in a proper and just way. I AM HAPPY SERVING GOD THROUGH OTHERS WHOM I HELP WITH AND SHARE MY PRECIOUS TALENTS. Cheers is my luck.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



Time travels fast
This world seems to last
A "little stone" that shines
Has been confused in time

The stare of your eyes
Leaves imprint in my life
Never did I sigh
As time goes by

A person like you
Is a shelter to rest
A shoulder to cry
An angel to bliss

This fading world may pass
But in this life that lasts
Such "you" will always be
The "KUYA" that's always there

Written by:
August 10, 2008 - 8:00 p.m.

This poem is dedicated to the most precious friend I ever had and he is my bestfriend. I admire him for being there eventhough we are tested by life's uncertainty. I know you are the one.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Feeling

Written by: Arleen
Date Written: August 30, 2008 - Saturday

Time went on
This heart seems to rest
Troubled with questions
...of love, of life, of you

Promise that this heart
It won't beat again
Impossible to think
....that I fell in love with YOU

It coudn't be
A wall that hinders us
You are special ONE and this couldn't be
....until when this heart pretends

I can't explain
Lot of words left unspoken
Lots of memories could paint
Lots of things I never expected
....but there was YOU and will always be YOU

About the Author

I firmly believe that every individual is a special person and must be treated with respect and love. I am a friendly, super caring, has a good sense of humor and loving. Every person I met is very special and should be treated as a gift. I am a happy, God-fearing and has a vision in life. I am resposible and talented in some ways.
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