Saturday, May 30, 2009

The pleasures of swimming.

Swimming is a good and healthy sport. It is a fun experience for the children and the family being in the water. It soothes, refreshes and cleanse the body from the bad elements of nature. For a kid, they can play water games like chasing through their companion, just like what the two children have shown in this picture above. Swimming is also a form of an exercise that coordinates the body and stretches out the muscles. Furthermore, it is a good exercise for the heart because through proper breathing coordination, the body relaxing and gives a good condition that you can breath properly. Children loves to play in the water. It is a fun experience for them that they tend not to get out of the water because they want to play, play and play.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

There is a place for everything!

Why worrying too much of what lies ahead of your future? Why worry about many things that you, yourself can do the best out of life. There is always a room for everything that only time will tell. Patience is a must. What are that things that are worrying you now? Offer them all to God. He knows your needs. He knows your desires and your wants. He is just waiting for you to call Him. Open to Him now and you will see that in everything, there is no room for unpatched things.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Women's uniqueness.

Women all around the world whether they are of various races namely, Asian, Americans, Caucasians and others have one commonality when it comes to personal physiological changes and that is their monthly period that is called menstruation. As we all know, menstruation is the monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of nonpregnant women form puberty to menopause. Women having menstruation mostly start at the age of 12 years old. But there are cases that others start to menstruate at 9years old or 10. Furthermore, there are also cases for women ages 19 or 23 wehom mentruation occur late. Why these ranges are not of the same actual age range of menstrual flow? It is because of their health and their activities as well as the maturity of their cells to activate such cycle in the process. Women who are in good health usually have their menstration at an exact age of 12 years old. This further means that their cells are mature to go through such process because they have no less problem with their health. Those women who do heavy jobs, in most cases develop late menstruation. Their nature of thier work really show that their body is not in good condition for the process to occur normally at an age of 12.

Why is it that women experience extreme pain in times of their period especially during the first day?

It is very normal for women to experience the excessive pain during the first day of their menstruation because the uterine lining called the endometrium has been shed. There is no need to worry for that thing instead they should be thankful because a lot of dirty blood will be washed away from the uterus. The important thing is the uterine lining will be cleaned. Due to this, it is therefore advisable for women NOT to take the risk of taking medicines(pain relievers) to ease the pain because it can surely stop the flow of the blood.

What should everyone especially men take to consider when women are having their menstruation?

The excessive pain that women feel during the first day is extremely painful. Therefore, men or anyone will understand the mood of the women because they(women) are suffering the pain that others especially men don't feel. That is why, in most cases women on their menstruation period tend to nag and easily get irritated even to small things.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ends or Goals of Human Acts

We act for an end in view or for a purpose. Although sometimes, we are not conscious of what is it. Human actions may be done for the attainment of an immediate end or goal intermediate or an ultimate end.

1. Immediate ends. These are the attainment of the instant needs of man. I have to study my lessons now because we have a long quiz tomorrow. I have to eat my breakfast or else, I will be hungry. Human actions for an immediate attainment of goal if done with sincerity and honesty will redound to the attainment of the ultimate end of man.

2. Intermediate ends. These are goals of human actions which may not need an instant gratification or attainment but which may wait for a little bit of time. Examples are: My finishing a BS course is my pursuing goal now or selecting a spouse and getting married in the future.

3. Ultimate ends. These are the final goal of man’s action which maybe the farthest and eventual purpose which man strives to attain. Getting rich, powerful and famous might be the ultimate ends of some people but for the Christians who follow the teachings of Christ, the attainment of peace and tranquility and finally the possession of Heaven when one dies if their ultimate end.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Means of Detecting Non-readiness

These are some signs of the child’s non-readiness which can be detected through various means as the following:

a. Reading readiness tests
b. Physical examinations – sight, hearing and speaking
c. Observation
1. Antagonistic reactions
2. Shyness
3. Apparent laziness
4. Unnatural passiveness
5. Unprovoked crying
6. Babyish attitude
7. Tendency not to play with others
8. Lack of self-control
9. Inability to talk in longer words and phrases

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Play in children

Functions of play:
1. Educational
2. Recreational
3. Physical development
4. Social and emotional adjustments
5. Therapeutic

Types of play:
A. Active

1. push and pull toys
2. riding toys
3. sports and gym equipment

B. Manipulative, constructive, creative or scientific

1. blocks
2. construction toys
3. drawing materials
4. microscope and chemistry sets
5. books
6. computer programs

C. Imaginative, imitative and dramatic

1. dolls
2. dress up costumes
3. puppets

D. Competitive and social

1. games
2. role playing

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Criteria of Judging the Suitability of Toys

1. Safety
2. Compatibility
a. child’s age
b. level of development
c. experience
3. Usefulness
a. Challenges the development of the child
b. Social and personality development
c. Increasing motor and sensory skills
d. Developing creativity
e. Expressing emotions
f. Achieving mastery
g. Implementing therapeutic procedure

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lyrics of the song, “The Sweetest Days” by Vanessa Williams

Let my favorite song be yours too.

You and I in this moment
Holding the night so close
Hanging on, still unbroken
While outside the thunder rolls
Listen now, you can hear our heartbeat
Warm against life’s bitter cold
These are the days
The sweetest days will know

There are times that scare me
We rattle the house like the wind
Both of us so unbending
We battle the fear within
All the while, life is rushing by us
Hold it now and don’t let go
These are the days
The sweetest days we’ll know

So we’ll whisper a dream here in the darkness
Watching the stars ‘till they’re gone
And when even the memories have all faded away
These days go on and on

Listen now, you can hear our heartbeat
Hold me now and don’t let go
These are the days
Everyday is the sweetest day we’ll know
These are the days
The sweetest days we’ll know

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Devices Used in Improving Assignments

There are several devices used to improve the assignment in teaching. The following devices are:

1. The use of guide questions of problems

Guide questions or problems help make the assignments more definite and direct. It will also help and direct the attention of the pupils toward the main points of the task assigned. They give learning a direction.

2. The use of guide study sheet
The guide study sheet helps make the assignment definite and self-initiating. It contains an outline of the activities to be done, showing where the topics to be found and suggesting other sources of information.

3. The use of pre-test

The purpose of giving pre-test is to the status of the pupil with regard to the proposed learning or to find out what is learned and what is to be learned. What is done in the planning the assignment determines what teaching and learning will be done by the teacher and the pupil.

4. The use of visual aids or audio-visuals.

Audio-visuals are essential things to learning. Experience can be provided that will stimulate interest and develop understanding. It will also make the assignment of the pupil meaningful. It further assists in providing motivations and interest to the learning situation.

Friday, May 1, 2009

What is dry skin?

Skin type differs to persons from all ages and races. It is easily subject to injuries and irritations. Skin that is prone to extreme exposure of sunlight specifically, the face and the hands are subject to dryness. Persons whose skin is dry must take these measures of preventions:

1. Rinse off soap and detergents well when they are used for cleaning the skin. The residue left on the skin cause irritation.
2. Bathe less frequently especially when the outdoor temperature and humidity are low.
3. Avoid defatting agents such as alcohol on dry and easily injured skin.
4. Avoid wearing garments made from wooden fabrics since wool tends to irritate dry skin.
5. Wash garments made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics once or twice before wearing them. The chemical impregnated in the fabric tends to irritate the skin.
6. Increase fluid intake specifically drinking glasses of water when the skin is dry.
7. Use bath oil.
8. Use an emollient which is an agent to soften, soothe and protect dry skin after it is cleansed. Emollient or moisturizing creams do not moisture the skin instead it leaves to hold down the scaly kin surfaces. Cocoa butter, petroleum jelly and lanolin are some examples of emollients and are used also in many emollient creams.
9. Use cream to clean skin that is very dry and skin that is allergic to soaps and detergents.

I’m sure that we don’t want to spoil the impressions of our friends and loved ones regarding our skin. Those measures of prevention are very simple to follow, that if you care about your health and if you don’t want to suffer too much insecurities.
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