Monday, September 28, 2009

Ondoy strikes hard.

Ondoy destroyed lots of lives of the Filipino people. The great cause of destruction sorrowed all of us. Though this natural phenomenon is inevitable but one great assurance where one clings with whole-self submission is through PRAYERS.

September 25, 2009 starts the grievous occurrence of this strong typhoon. Lots of Filipino people especially those who are living in the central part of Manila wasn't able to prepare themselves thinking that the typhoon can't strike and bring to cause this much. But it really did cause lost of many lives. I took pity to all my countrymen as I have clearly seen in TV and the Internet of how hard they suffer. Some lives are lost and others are nowhere to be found. Livelihood were devastated. Rebuilding lives take the need to start and reconstructing the lost livelihood.

Indeed, Ondoy chooses no one. After the sudden cause of this strong typhoon, its occurrence is a warning and a reawakening for many of us.

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