Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Unexpected text message from an unknown person.

I did not expect that I will be receiving a wonderful text message from my old Smart Buddy Prepaid Sim that says, "It is wonderful to discover "beautiful minds":-) but the greatest gift is to find "beautiful hearts" in beautiful people like you!:-)."

It was maybe a chance or a coincidence in time that I have the feeling to insert my Smart Buddy Prepaid Sim which I never use anymore for two years now (except for this day). Just this morning, I was liking to have it (Smart Buddy Prepaid Sim) inserted in my cellphone.

Nevertheless, the message is beautiful. I was so blessed for being appreciated by a person whom I find stranger to me. Frankly, the one who texted me wasn't able to tell his or her identity. What made me glad is that he or she appreciates the worth and essence of me.

Whoever that precious person is, I THANK him or her for having the spirit of a good heart that touches lives.

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