Monday, September 21, 2009

Willie is back! Hurray...!

I am filled with much happiness as Willie Revillame, host of the popular and most-loved noontime show - Wowowee (Philippines), is back. After having a break for about a month and few days, he is back as "Wil come back!" preparations and presentations rise with great and fabulous excitement just this day (noon time).

Willie is close to the poor people in the Philippines. In such, he regarded as "the people for/of the masses". Willie's being vocal and frank on-stage made everyone misinterpreted him as he expresses his reactions regarded the Cory Aquino burial which shows "unjustifiable" acts that the show mistakenly viewed that made Willie bursts into "quite a feeling".

But in spite of all the false allegations and misinterpretations, Willie is back and many are happy of his great comeback.

We will be with much "Yahooooos!" and "Hurrraaaaays!" now!

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