Friday, October 30, 2009

Agassi admits taking hard drugs.

Andre Agassi's upcoming autobiography contains an admission that he used crystal meth in 1997 and lied to tennis authorities when he failed a drug test - a result that was thrown our after he said he "unwittingly" took the substance.

According to an excerpt of the autobiography, the eight-time Grand Slam Champion writes that he sent a letter to the ATP tour to explain the positive test, saying he accidentally drank from a soda spiked with meth by his assistant "Slim".

"Then I come to the central lie of the letter," Agassi writes. "I say that recently I drank accidentally from one of Slim's spiked sodas, unwittingly ingesting his drugs. I ask for understanding and leniency and hastily sign it: Sincerely.

"I feel ashamed, of course. I promise myself that this lie is the end of it. The ATP reviewed the case - and threw it out."

The ATP did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Agassi retired in 2006. Excerpts from his autobiography, which comes out in Nov. 9, are being published this week in the London newspapers, as well as Sports Illustrated and People magazines.

In a story posted on People magazine's Web site Tuesday, Agassi says: "I can't speak to addiction, but a lot of people would say that if you are using anything as an escape, you have a problem."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love diving? Here are some styles of Sea Elite.

I love the waters. In fact, we usually have time with my friends going to the different places just to experience the wonders of diving while we explore the fun in the underwater. As a result, I need to have a sea elite that keeps me atone of the pleasures I have while I dive and enjoy the waters.

Good thing that I have the necessary sea elite with me!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Manolo Fortich Lifestyle

There is nothing better than living in a place that makes you feel as if you are out of town every day, yet actually still close enough to your place of work and leisure. That is how one resident of Manolo Fortich describes living here - a community of exclusive enclaves that comprise 300 hectares of land. Here, in the morning sounds are chiring birds, not of car horns; the smells are of newly cut grass, not traffic fumes. Just being here helps melt the stress away. With its wide, open spaces dotted with trees and shrubbery, Manolo Fortich is a wonderful place to raise children who can run around without you having to worry about their security. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle - with the roads wide open for walking and jogging, and little nooks for meditation. Homebuyers can either buy a lot or a house and lot package. It makes it easy for them to decide on the kind of house to get as it offers several options and sizes, depending on one's lifestyle of the house, all Manolo Fortich homes have the consistent look of old-world that invites to actually enjoy life.

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I just love using the Internet. In fact, it gives me the pleasure to have the right access and information on things. That is why, I can't deprive myself from using it.

One great news that offers Free File Hosting is available online. Thus, with this, I am more an enthusiast of loving their services. What is good about this services is that it gives me more cash. I am using not with purpose but also I am getting the right benefit.

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There are lots of services in the Internet that "enchant" people to use them but they are not securing the right access. They are just keeping their "false promises". And so, the trust of the users especially the others using are broken.

With Free File Hosting, they mean when they say it is FREE! I have the right trust in them and I am happy using their services.

It made using the Internet for me such a pleasure!

What is your favorite Bible verse?

For guidance and strength in decisions, I have to make the most reliable source of inspiration and guaranteed to give me the nest advice in the Holy Bible. It is one book that seems so alive, never becomes outdated and always hits me right on the spot. The Bible has all the answers to our questions. Wherever our fingers take us and whatever verse is there in the page would be His message for me. Some verses became my favorites and I wrote them in my notebook, which I read quietly as often as I can. I have the word of God to guide me, comfort me and keep me company.

Here is my favorite Bible verse.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in everything you do, and He will direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

Love to travel? Here are some tips.

I just love adventure! In fact, during vacation, I go with my friends to enjoy nature's adventure. This is part of our zest of enjoying life.

I really love to hike and go places. As a matter of fact, my friends and I are planning to have a hike of one of Texas' tremendous mountain. That is why, in order for me to be prepared, I bought Char Cloth, Fire Steel, Tent Poles, Fire Piston, Camping, Backing, Hiking, Outdoor Adventure Gear online. It is really a nice feeling to always be prepared especially when I have all the necessary things with me.

Being prepared and ready in all ways need the use of essential things in hand. That is why, I don't want to settle for anything less than to secure the happiness and worth of my adventure. Thus, this makes me feel the pleasures of enjoying life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We were not able to sleep.

It has been a week and a day now that we are staying here in the boarding house. Apparently, just this evening, my sister and I wasn't able to have a sound sleep because the couple who is next to our room were quarreling. Frankly, we don't want to hear their quarrel but we can't hinder to listen because they have a loud voice.

Indeed, it is so hard to adjust to this new environment that we are situated in because most of the rooms were rented by couples. When they quarrel or if they have lots of problem in their family, they just can't hold their emotions. Thus, this creates a serious fight and quarrel.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Waste Management Software

I love the services of the using the computer and in fact, I am with great pleasure of using it. One of the main task that helps me get atone with the right elements and the perfect services of using the computer is the latest innovation of Waste Management Software. It caters to help me solve where to dump computer "garbages" into a more reliable and efficient way.

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Part of their wide coverage of involve Casual Skip Hire, Regular Waste Collection, Sales Rep Prospect Visits Tracking, Residential Services & Complaints, Medical Waste, Liquid Waste (Grease Trap & Septic), Recyclables, Security Destruction
and Transfer Station Weighbridge & Disposal Operations.

There is no other place where one has the right placement of all its waste (computer). In fact, I am with much pleasure with this kind of service.

In the state of adjustment

We, both my sisters and I are new to the place where we stay. That is why, we need to adjust. We are adjusting with people, the atmosphere as well as in budgeting.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

LLBean coupons are just what I need in this time of crisis.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rights of every voter

My sister and I have been in the COMELEC Office here in our place. Unfortunately, I was upset by the in-charge because she was about to refuse my sister to exercise her right to vote. It is not the main reason that my sister is a special type and so she should not neglect the needs of my sister (the right to vote).

Why on Earth that she is acting that way? That is really depressing in my part.

Pleasures of using quality Office Chairs.

Being able to find the pleasures of a happy living and the zest of going to work with happiness are what I experienced and found at our company. I am pretty well busy with lots of paper works everyday but this does not give me a lot of hassle because I am feeling at ease and comfortable sitting down on our Office Chairs. As a result, it gives me the enjoyment I experience from work.

I believe that wherever you are situated, the comforts of one's living can highly be attained if you are living in an environment where all are in comfort. And one best way that I experience the comfort of living is being sited on with my comfortable Office Chairs. No matter how many paper works I have to accomplish for a day, I can possibly finish them all as I seriously work on them, sitting down with my Office Chairs.

It made my work for me such a pleasure!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A conversation with my sister.

This morning, my sister and I had a conversation about matters that seriously need urgent concern. We are talking about purchasing a house and lot here in our place. Unfortunately, I need cash and I extremely need her help. I hope that she will be able to lend me some cash.

A text from a long-time closed friend.

It has been almost 4 months now that my closed friend and I haven't had communication until this morning he texted me. I was so surprised who that texted me that message saying, "How are you?". Until he recognized himself to me. I am very happy that he is finding ways to reach me. My heart is filled with gladness. Now, I believe that there is always a time for everything. A time for us to dwell and meet again no matter how long the days were (for us not been able to communicate).

Glad to know that he reaches out to conversate with me. I am very glad as well as I am happy, knowing that he is okay and well.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We finally moved.

I am very happy that at last our desire to move and live by our own is not a realization. My two sisters and I are very, very happy. We have moved yesterday. Actually, we should never decided to move but the extreme arguements between my stepmother and my eldest sister made me decide not to prolong our stay of our home.

Now that we have moved, I pity my father because I am sure that he will be affected somehow of our decision of letting go. Nevertheless, we made the right decision of wanting to live with our own. I am very happy though we are in the adjustment process. Happily, we can say that we are totally okey now.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I love her voice!

"I love her voice!" That is always my complement for her as she sings in the noontime show every Sunday at ASAP's Sasyonista with Richard Poon, Nina, MYMP, Aiza Seguerra and Duncan. She has an extraordinary voice. So unique! I just love it! It gives me the feeling of a taste of extraordinary music. Indeed, liking music for me is such more of a pleasure as she motivates me to love music more.

Sitti Navarro is always be the best! I just like her style and her voice because it is so good to hear!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Looking for supplements? No regrets! This works!

I exercise a lot and in fact, everyday I do have 2 sessions (one in the morning and the other in the afternoon) laid for toning my body and getting the right shape. Being a health conscious, I mind taking energy supplements to properly get the quick result. That is why, I take Mushashi Energy Supplements. Out from the numerous brands of energy supplements available in the store, I trust Mushashi Energy Supplements because it works for me. In fact, most of my fellow athletes use this as well.

The good thing about Mushashi Energy Supplement is that it helps me while I progress to get the proper shape. Actually, every day, every week, I get the gradual result of me losing weight and getting the right body tone. I don't believe on purchasing other brands because it made me think twice of their effects. They just give me false promises and disappointments.

Being active, perfectly fit and health-minded can ever be this good because of Mushashi Energy Supplements! I have no regret!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I see Mama in the faces of my sisters.

Way back 29th of June 2004, this date I clearly will not forget. The day that made me feel overly burden with piled problems. This date my mother is gone. I hardly can't accept the fact that the Owner get her life, take her away from us.

It is so hard to lose someone so special and worth living and dying for. I admit that until now I miss my mother so MUCH! I always think of her and I want to experience her presence even for a day. But it is the real truth that all is just a whisper of hope now. She is really gone and I need to accept it though it is so hard.

Being the father and the mother of my sisters (3), I am always the bread winner. I take every breath that I have in order to sustain the needs of my family. My special sister, she is my life.

When Mama is gone, I learn to be more independent and even stronger to face life's trials and uncertainties. I come to explore the essence of me. I come to know my strength. It is really hard to find ways everyday where to find food, money and everything. Maybe if I did not use my potentials and my talent, my sister would probably in misery. They need me much now that Mama is not here.

Oftentimes, during night time, I contemplate life and all I do is to record what emotions I gather through a Diary. I always pray to God for guidance and strength.

Frankly, I see Mama in the faces of my special sister. I see Mama in every mother who I find real happiness and love of their children. I see Mama in me.

Though Mama is not here, the happiness I have felt in life, I have it all through my sisters. I love them so much and I will never leave them behind. That is a PROMISE!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This book is a BIG help.

My friend, Charize ask for help about her research work of topics which focuses on Education and its principles. I think twice if I will accept her offer because I just can't successfully materialized the work if I don't have the available references or sources. Good thing that this book has it all. Then I decided to go working with the research work.

This book really helps a lot. Almost all the topics that she wants me to work with are all here. We use this book during my tertiary years in our Education subject. I keep it and positively this really helps.

Topics that can be seen in this book include:

I. Historical Foundations of Education
II. Education during the Medieval Times
III. Movements that Helped Shape Modern Educational Thoughts and Ideas
IV. Philosophical Foundations of Education
V. Legal Foundation of Education

This book is authored by Cecilio D. Duka, Ed. D.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Looking for a better shelter.

Living in a house where mutual unity is not a common acceptance, I decided to get my sister away from here.

Yesterday, my father and I are looking for a house and lot for sale. We went to a subdivision and we have seen the abandoned houses that has been foreclosed and were assumed.

I like one of the unit and we (my father and I) decided to buy a house, hopefully this year. Deciding to have a home for our own is such my dream. Frankly, we are living in a home that is not really a home because of my stepmother's "unhealthy" attitude. Though we are the owner of the house, we are going to leave this place someday. We are peace-loving children and we want happiness to dominantly leads our home. But unfortunately, it is far within reach while we are here in the house. I can't understand the "cruel" attitude of my stepmother. in order not to suppress the arguments and the cause, we are the ones deciding to get away from here.

Someday, we will be okay!

The secret of how your husband and children will love you more.

Food is the way to my family's heart.

Being a mother to 5 children and a wife, I always make sure to make my family happy always. The best idea for me to fruitfully make my children and my husband love me more is I cook food that would affirm their taste.

Frankly, being a mother at the age of 24 is not too easy. Before, I am not used to cook at home (when I was not married). My mother and my eldest sister are the masters in the kitchen. They cook food for us. But now that I have my own family, I have realize that I should help mother and my sister cook food before so that I will perfectly know how to cook well.

Early those times after my marriage, I usually serve my family with dry food, fried fish, fried eggs, fried hotdogs and fried meat. My husband as well as my children always complain. It was not a complement for me. That's when I decided to learn how to cook. I promise to myself that I will never serve them with dry foods.

Thanks to FoodConnect! I browse through their site and I have read through some of the helpful recipes that really helps me a lot now on my way to love cooking. FoodConnect is really an instant help for me when I want to serve something new on the table. Some of the food I tried cooking are Chicken Wings Polynesian Style, Creme Caramel, Shrimp Tempura, Cold Cucumber Soup and others.

makes cooking for me such a pleasure! Now, my husband and children love me more!

I am looking for a house.

My father and I went around the subdivision near our place because we were looking for a house and lot for sale. There are lots of houses which are to be sold because of they (houses) were foreclosed or the residents are migrating.

We looked at each houses to be sold. From the three houses, I choose the last one that we have seen because there are 3 rooms, the living room as well as the kitchen are spacious and the yard is wide.

The owner of the house decided to have it (their house) to be assumed because they can't sustain to pay the monthly payment which they need to pay. And also, they want to migrate to another place.

She priced it as 85,000 pesos. My father and I are interested in buying the house because it is situated in a place where business is in good demand.

I am thinking of the money because I only got 1/4 of the amount of the price in my pocket. Maybe I will ask help or I will lend much money from my sister in the USA.

I am very interested of the house and I decided to buy it. I want that my 2 sisters will have a house to be called our own.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Paper works

My friend named Charize called me yesterday evening. She told me that she needs my help about the research work that she is going to comply. She is actually taking the masteral course in one of the prestigious school here in our place. Due to the numerous works that she has to do from work and school, she needs my help. With this, I am helping her do the research work. The topic of her research is about Ethnographic Language. Actually, it is more about Sociolinguistic.

Furthermore, on the 24th of October is the deadline.

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Helping needs not counting the cost.

Helping a person needs 100% submission that you are helping without counting the cost. But why does one should not escape from counting what he has shared out from helping?

I went to the school of my cousin just this afternoon with my father. Because of my promise to her that I will pay for her tuition and all her finances in school, I will keep my promise of helping her. We had a talk of her teacher and randomly her teacher enumerated all the fees that she should pay. They are school projects, pledges, classroom improvement fee, Girl Scout fee and others. I paid all the fees. While I am about to leave, the teacher called me again to see the grades of my cousin. She pass all the school projects and exams.

Upon going outside the room, my father asked me how much did I pay and I told the amount. He is quite curious why I pay much, where in fact, it is a public school. My father said that they (teachers) should not ask anymore because the government are securing all their needs and that they are paid much of their salary.

I don't have much argument with my father of how much I pay or something like that. What is important is that I have kept my word and the problem is settled.

Being the provider and the financial absorber when there are problems involving money, I am always on the help. Though I am not rich but I take into account that I will help someone who needs help. That is what makes sense to me. I don't count the costs neither to repeatedly problem, thinking to ask for any return.

Monday, October 5, 2009

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Relationships are to be treasured FOREVER.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today is the birthday of my mother, Teresa Rasonabe Abucay.

It has been 5 years now that our mother is not with us. She is in Heaven together with the Lord in Paradise. Way back on the 29th of June 2004, my mother died of a cancer, Myoma. It is a serious disease mostly victimizing women. It is characterized with a cystic mass that is gradually growing inside the uterus. My mother died because the disease complicates the other vital organs of her body.

At first, it is very hard to forget her. I almost can't seem to forget her totally that until now, frankly, I am longing for her. I miss her great LOVE, her PRESENCE. I miss the way she prepares things for us in school (during those times). I miss the way she encourages us to live life at its fullest. We miss her deeply. Oftentimes, I can see her in the eyes of all the mothers who are surviving to work hard everyday to attain the needs of their children. I can see her in the person of those who are grievously suffering of a cancer. I can see her of my sisters. I can see her in me. I can even feel the warmth of her presence every where I go and whatever I do. I TRULY MISS HER.

I am very proud of my mother, Mrs. Teresa Rasonabe Abucay. She is the BEST mother we ever had and for the rest of our lives, we will never ever forget her. We love her so much!

That is why, I express my deepest miss of my mother with this song from The William Brothers entitled, "Can't Cry Hard Enough".

No matter how hard I cry each day, there is no one who will listen to me (except God), my mother is away from me. I love her so much!

By: The William Brothers

I'm gonna live my life
Like everyday's the last
Without a simple goodbye
It all goes by so fast
And now that you're gone
I can't cry hard enough
No I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me now

I'm gonna open my eyes
And see for the first time
I've let go of you like
A child letting go of his kite

There it goes, up in the sky
There it goes, beyond the clouds
For no reason why
I can't cry hard enough
No I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me now

Gonna look back in vain
And see you standing there
But all that remains is an empty chair
And now that you're gone
I can't cry hard enough
No I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me now
There it goes, up in the sky
There it goes, beyond the clouds
For no reason why
I can't cry hard enough
No I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me now.

Friday, October 2, 2009


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Feel the cold breeze as Typhoon Peping...

Tonight is very cold. I can feel the coldness of the breeze. Typhoon Peping is nearly entering Philippines. I don't know how much destruction does it costs but I hope that it will not stay here in the Philippines for so long.

Lord, kindly save and guard us. This I pray.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

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