Thursday, October 8, 2009

Looking for a better shelter.

Living in a house where mutual unity is not a common acceptance, I decided to get my sister away from here.

Yesterday, my father and I are looking for a house and lot for sale. We went to a subdivision and we have seen the abandoned houses that has been foreclosed and were assumed.

I like one of the unit and we (my father and I) decided to buy a house, hopefully this year. Deciding to have a home for our own is such my dream. Frankly, we are living in a home that is not really a home because of my stepmother's "unhealthy" attitude. Though we are the owner of the house, we are going to leave this place someday. We are peace-loving children and we want happiness to dominantly leads our home. But unfortunately, it is far within reach while we are here in the house. I can't understand the "cruel" attitude of my stepmother. in order not to suppress the arguments and the cause, we are the ones deciding to get away from here.

Someday, we will be okay!

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