Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Manolo Fortich Lifestyle

There is nothing better than living in a place that makes you feel as if you are out of town every day, yet actually still close enough to your place of work and leisure. That is how one resident of Manolo Fortich describes living here - a community of exclusive enclaves that comprise 300 hectares of land. Here, in the morning sounds are chiring birds, not of car horns; the smells are of newly cut grass, not traffic fumes. Just being here helps melt the stress away. With its wide, open spaces dotted with trees and shrubbery, Manolo Fortich is a wonderful place to raise children who can run around without you having to worry about their security. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle - with the roads wide open for walking and jogging, and little nooks for meditation. Homebuyers can either buy a lot or a house and lot package. It makes it easy for them to decide on the kind of house to get as it offers several options and sizes, depending on one's lifestyle of the house, all Manolo Fortich homes have the consistent look of old-world that invites to actually enjoy life.

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