Sunday, November 29, 2009

Because of Facebook

The advancement of technology nowadays peeps even the obscure truth that reveal the story of a Canadian woman who in a long-term file for sick leave for depression lost her benefits because her insurance agent found photos of her on Facebook in which she appeared to be having fun.

Natalie Blanchard has been on leave from her job at IBM in Bromont, Quebec for the last year. The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported that she was diagnosed with major depression and was receiving monthly sick leave benefits from insurance giant Manulife.

But the payments dried up this fall and when Blanchard called Manulife, she says she was told she was available to work because of Facebook.

She said her insurance agent described several pictures Blanchard posted on Facebook, including ones showing her having a good time at a Chippendales bar show, at her birthday party and on a sun holiday.

This evidently expresses that through the latest innovation of technologies, even the hidden truth fruitfully be revealed. Thus, there isn't no way to run.

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