Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hips to be Pilipinas

Innovative local fashion brand Collezione-C2 recently opened its store at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. The new branch allows shoppers in Rockwell and nearby areas to enjoy the unique, high-quality clothing the brand is known for.

For Collezione-C2 president and CEO Joey Qua, Rockwell is the perfect location to reach their current market and attract more customers. "I wanted to have a store situated in a place that shoppers flock to because of their love for three things: great fashion, arts and nationalism. For me, Power Plant was able to incorporate all three and you can see it in their lineup of stores, brands and products."

A 38-year-old brand ripe with knowledge of the Filipino market, Collezione-C2 places a high priority on meeting the needs of varied customers from different generations through fashionable pieces that are relevant to the times - and it is this staunch commitment that has driven then to re-launch their brand. Qua decided to extend the Collezione brand to target today's fashion-forward Filipinos with "Collezione-C@."

Qua stresses that the brand's impeccable ability to connect with its customers is something that his father, who is the original founder of Collezione, always strives to maintain - so much so that it eventually became a legacy that was built and nurtured through the years. It i s because of this that Collezione-C2 has gained the well-reserved loyalty and support of customers across all generations.

Being a loud-and-proud local retail brand, Collezione-C2 also hopes to inspire Filipinos to love their own. "My father created Collezione out of his passion to encourage Filipinos to develop a deeper appreciation of local products, and this is something that I would like to impart to today's generations," says Qua.

Sharing this father's admirable vision for the brand, he sums it up perfectly:"Collezione-C2 aims to be a fashion innovator in the Philippines - one that never ceases to offer Filipinos something new, different and exciting that they would be proud to wear no matter where they go. The opening of our store in Rockwell is only the beginning of many more exciting things to come."

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