Monday, November 9, 2009

Kat-scratch fever

A lot has happened since Sinosikat? released their debut album two years ago. Now, the band is back with a brand new installment for their fans, "2nd album."

Vocalist Kat Agarrdo says, "I guess they should expect the unexpected." Of course this new album still has teh same writing prowess but the bands is evolving as artists, as songwritters, and aas arrangers. Prepare to heat the same laidback yet groovy, sexy, jazzy sounds, but with a twist. "Vocal-wise, I took it to the next level. I experimented with my voice this time around, tried different feels and styles in every song. Every song has a different charcter."

So what keeps this band motivated to create great music? To Kat and the group, it takes inspiration. She says, "(We get it) from each other, and from the people who love and support our music. We've gone through a lot as a band. A lot of things happened since we formed the band five year ago.

A lot has happened, indeed. From bagging the NU 107 Rock Awards Vocalist of the Year title in 2007, to three Awit Awards for Best World/Alternative Music, Best Jazz Recording, and People's Choice for Favorite Group. New band members Philippe Areola on the bass and David Starck on keys give Sinosikat? sound a new flavor to spice their sound even more. With the carrier single Nung Iniwan Mo Ako. written by Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree, Kat renders a bittersweet love song in their signature sound - jazzy, edgy rocka-soul.

The band memebres make sure they can relate to each song they share with the listeners. "I believe that you have to have some kind of connection with the song for you to be able to interpret it gracefully. I don't like faking. Music for me should be sincere," Kat shares. The single Patiently is her "magic" song as she puts it. Already getting airplay on NU107 and RJ Underground is upcoming song Wherever You Are, while Mr. Musikero (Pwede ba) is a potential favorite on your iPod. Popularized by Sonny Nicolas in 1983, the band gave it its own mark, aiming to get the message across this song would inspire then to be original. And Philippe Ariola did a great new arrangement to top everything," she adds.

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