Saturday, November 21, 2009

Man of the Hour

You are what you wear. The certainty of style lies with one's fashion sense. Daniel Hechter reinforces the art of being well-dressed and with his custom shoes this season.

Hailing from the streets of high-fashion Pris, Daniel Hechter came to signify the international brand and the name behind its success. Since 1962, designer and entrepreneur Daniel Hechter made his own brand a realization of his vision - wearable, high-quality and creative clothing.

With Miltenberger Otto Aulbach GmbH acquiring the company in 1998, Daniel Hechter continued to be greeted with evr-widening international success. Consistently restructuring its designs, Daniel Hechter's collection became equated with a lifestyle combining European tradition with a sure sense of style and sporty chic with elegance. Its perfect credo of affordable and wearable creative fashion is a testament that Daniel Hechter is a step ahead in style.

This season, Daniel Hechter besets timelessness in its latest masterpieces. Drawing inspiration from the various facets that make up a man, the latest collection speaks of everything from modern allure and urban cowboy to sporty and iconic.

Danniel Hechter enhances your style by offering versatile pieces to mix, match and layer up. Take on a polo shirts with khaki pants and a comfy jacket for that casual look. Top it off with a fedora hat for a dash of relaxed Friday.

Laid-back guys can jazz up their outfit with candy-stripe collared-tops mixed with boy-next-door cardigans. Add some pizzazz with a striped scarf and a mailman bag to complement your ultimate sweetheart look.

Channel the '80s and roll up the sleeves of your polo for the hems of your denims to update a basic-looking outfit. From casual to corporate, wear Daniel Hechter's iconic tailored suits with uniquely patterned neckties and you're set to close the deal.

Live confidently and wear your style philosophy with Daniel Hechter.

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