Friday, November 20, 2009

P2V or V2V Migrations: The leader in Virtualization platform migration.

Are you looking for a migration solution that effectively works for the needs of your software? Then you need P2V or V2V Migrations. It increases virtual platform flexibility being able to migrate to different virtualization vendors. And you can get this with Double-Take® Move. It offers as an efficient tool on the market for consolidating data centers and moving servers between locations, simplifies server and storage migration for administrators and works on any Windows server, regardless of the underlying server hardware or storage architecture and revolutionizes the migration process with real-time data movement and hardware-independent conversion technology that make workloads simple for administrators to move, consolidate and minimizes the impact on user productivity.

It is with no complexity, no downtime and no platform or environment restrictions, even for X2X migrations.

What are you waiting for? Get protected now!

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