Saturday, November 7, 2009

So painful when someone important is gone.

Last night, I received a text from my friend that Marvin is gone. I didn't believe her because Marvin just texted me in the morning at that same day, requesting me to visit him at their house with my friends and classmate in college. Not until, I have received lots of messages from my friends that he is really gone. He is dead.

I couldn't help myself and I bursted into tears because I don't want to accept the fact that he is really gone, that he is not with us anymore.

Marvin is my classmate and friend in my tertiary years. In fact, he is one of the "joker" in our circle of friends. He is also a great bass guitarist who stars in the local band (here in our place). His death is so sudden.

The last day that we have a conversation was when he was confined in the hospital. He told me to visit him but I wasn't able to get there because I take care of my sister as well.

He told me that he wants to see me. It was not a serious matter to me because I know that he will be alright. I know that he will be fine. But I was wrong. I couldn't imagine that he is suffering that much already. He is suffering a lot from his disease, acute Leukemia.

Pretty well, I knew almost lots of his life because we often had a talk about personal things when we were in college. We talk about family, his brothers, his mother...about life. He is significant to me.

But last night's news is really painful. I wish that I was there then, at the time he requested me to be there.

I can't forgive myself on this. And I am so deeply sorry for that.

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