Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas: Like those ordinary days.

I often think: "Why such a special day often leads me thinking of me - lonely, missing mother, unfortunate situation...Are these be it?"

We (me and my 2 sisters) are living in a new house which is situated just near to the land that I bought. During day time, the light strikes the whole house which makes us happy to notice that the sun rises already and we fear din as the sun sets, causing us to always quickly prepare everything as soon as night won't dominate the whole atmosphere. There is no electricity. It's this small lamp which serve us our lighted path to see things in totality.

Frankly, I feel always less fortunate every time occasions like this - so special, should be memorable and so true.

But here, I am with my pen and paper and some pieces of brilliant ideas are my armour in navigating what I feel and put them into my written expression.

What a delightful Christmas should we suppose to celebrate but with no Mama with us anymore, it sounds helpless but God knows our needs and I know He provides.

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