Monday, December 21, 2009

Cockroaches in food?!?

I have been to the mall today. I went window shopping, seeing the various things in sale and I've grab many things in huge discounts, up to 30%, 50% and more. That is indeed a great Christmas sale!

Tired of scrutinizing and purchasing discounted items, my stomach murmured. As a result, I look for the best food station. Such a delight as I've found a store which sell my favorite "batchoy" (Chinese soup). I was about to order but to my surprise, I backed out. The cockroach comfortably crawls in the bowl. The saleslady is trying to misled me, thinking that I didn't recognize the dirty insect. She further entertains me, getting the bowl of "batchoy" our from the display but I instantly said that I will take a pee. That is just my defense mechanism so that the saleslady will not feel insulted and ignored.

Thus, I look for another food chain. Luckily, they serve delicious and clean food. I bought hamburger, french fries and a bottle of Coke. It was then that I was able to full myself.

Indeed, food chain like that is frustrating. They should serve their customer right especially that they are selling food, not an unusual items or something.

Really, if all food station serve and prepare lots of food in a day and if they were not consumed, where will all those food go?

I think what happens to the food station where I suppose to dine is that they serve food which were not consumed in a day - food that were about to spoil. As a result, cockroaches scatter through. It is really dirty. I thought that their name (name of the food chain outlet) marks 100% quality, clean and healthy food...(okay the food meets the nutritional fact but it is unhealthy because of the insects present).

The problem complicates if people ignorantly are blind of the story behind the food they serve. Perfectly, they would compliment delicious, clean and healthy food station.

But me on the clear view, such a yucky food chain!

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