Monday, January 11, 2010

2010: I fruitfully welcome you!

This was written on the midnight of December 31, The New Year!

Here I am, can't sleep. I can't go back to sleep as midnight blash of "boom" of firecrackers firing here and there which made me unable to go back to sleep.

This is our first New Year that we celebrated without electricity because the owner of the house which we rented can't able to have electric connection for now. The only thing that lightens our room is just this old lamp which I placed on the chair near the place where I write. My two sisters are relaxing on the bed. They are fast asleep.

My sister is the USA, Cecille called at midnight, as soon as New Year comes. She is checking us if we're okay and she further expresses her greetings. We miss her so much. It has been 3 years now that we don't spend special moments like these because she is there.

We miss Mama so much. Christmas and New Year are filled with parties of food and good things if Mama is still here as what she always do as she was still alive. My sisters and I talked much about Mama. Spaghetti, salad, cakes, chicken curry, seafoods, beef steak, "Adobo", Coca-Cola, etc. are some which Mama is serving every special occasion and even whenever she likes to prepare them. It's just no other Mama is so caring, loving, kind, generous and pretty as her. That's why, we miss her deeply.

How's tatay right now with my stepmother at the other house?...I just don't know.

Counting all the blessings and the breath of life that God gave to me, I thank Him for everything!

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