Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to expose your dog to the environment.

I often see my dog in the house. He is the security guard, the guardian, the inspector and of course, my best pal ever. I pretty understand how tasking and boring his life is. Imagine, having that overtime duty 24/7. Of course, I feel his agony of always staying in the house and have nothing exciting to do. That is why, I come to a point of deciding to make his life more meaningful, pleasurable and worthwhile. I have him join whippet.

At first, I don't know that he is capable of winning because all I know is that his world just revolves around the house. I was so glad that he was totally happy with his new amusement and job now, which I take serious concern too as well. I now potentially know that he is okay and comfortable with his new life as well. Me, being always his supporter, is always there for him.

Amazingly, this gives me the idea that part of his duty is not more on the house. He should also be exposed to the different pleasures this world could ever give and it starts at whippet. Pretty amazing, my dog is always into it!

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