Friday, February 26, 2010

Writing jobs.

I admit, I am obviously addicted to writing. Actually, that is my passion, my utmost desire and want. But I never expect opportunity like this would flourishly come to my life. It is indeed God's plan.

Actually, when I was a kid, I have English. My favorite subject at those times is Science. My love of English started to show and grow as I reach high school which my teacher in English in my second year is talking fast English, with proper accent and intonation. Every time, we had our English class, I started jotting down words coming out from her mouth like bubbles. Then in a day I always have new words to learn that I often use them in a sentence. That is the onset of my love of wide reading, writing and speaking. Because of this positive incident, I started making personal compositions - poems, essays, stories, reviews, research works and expressed opinion. I am always able to express myself and I am never get shy to stand speaking English to the crowd, even in text messaging, through phone as well as through daily conversation. I am obsessed in learning English even until now. In fact, I am happy tat I know now where I belong. Learning English is absolutely fun!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cortex Performance Programmer

Oemflex tuning means if you own multiple vehicles from the same manufacturer, you can use the Cortex on all of them one at a time. For example, you could tune a Mustang GT for performance and enjoy the extra horsepower, the return it to stock and use the same controller to tune an HF-50 for increased torque and optimal transmission settings fro towing. Three part numbers cover most domestic cars, one for all For applications, one for all GM and one for all Chrysler/Dodge applications. Plus, Cortex programmers are essentially never out of date since software update are free.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Clearing Up Baby Birthmarks

"It's most effective to start treatment early, before the hemangioma has fully grown," says study author Ilona Frienden, M.D..

Babies who have birthmarks (known as hemangionas or strawberry marks) that seems to be growing, need referral to a specialist, according to a study in Pediatrics. The researchers found that the average age for a baby's first visit is 5 months even though strawberry marks can grow much larger by 3 months.

"Most hemagiomas go away on their own, but some babies need treatment, including steroid infections and even surgery," Frieden added.

That is why, if your baby has a raised pink or reddish spot on his skin that seems to be growing, better talk to your pediatrician about whether he should see a pediatric dermatologist.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When someone get divorced. (Say the right thing.)

The common thread in this situation is the assumption that a friend who's getting divorced is overlooking something. But odds are that she's been considering this move carefully for a long time.

No matter how resolved she is about her decision, though, a divorce still brings out all sorts of feelings: anger, guilt, shame, sometimes even a sense of relief. "The best thing you can do is listen," says Randi E. Patt, a psychologist in private practice in Philadelphia. "Emotions run high when a marriage breaks up, and your friend needs someone who can help her deal with her feelings."

Don't say:
"Was he cheating?" Never press for details - it's none of your business unless your friend needs to vent.
"Did you think about how this will affect the children?" Yes, your friend has probably thought about this far more than you can imagine.
"My parents got divorced when I was a kid, and I used to wish they could get back together." Your story is not relevant - unless your friend explicitly asks for your memories on this subject.

Do say:
"I just called to see how you're doing and to tell you I'm sorry that you've been going through such a difficult time."
"How are you holding up? Let me know if you'd like to meet for coffee."
"You're going to get through this."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stunning Summer Haircut

"A haircut that factors in your overall silhouette will make you look slimmer and more proportionate while distracting from figure flows," says New York City salon owner Mark Garrison (First magazine, p.10 - June 2009).

Dense hair that hangs past the shoulders doesn't hide ample bust- it draws the eye right to it. Plus, the weight of longer strands freezes any breezy movement, amplifying the visual heft of a top-heavy frame. That's why, choose a swing bob.
A bouncy shoulder-skimming style adds volume that balances a buxom top section. The key is to texturize just the other edges of each layer (instead of all the way throng). This imparts a soft, wispy feel while retaining width to counteract a large bust and wide shoulders. Also flattering: snipping the shortest layer to skim the top of the cheekbones. "This creates a gap between the chin and the cheeks, elongating the bottom of the face," says Garrison.
To style, spritz wet hair with spray gel and comb through. Using a round brush, blow-dry 3" sections, altering the airflow above and below the brush.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Appropriate clothes for summer.

Finally! It's time for summer fun...but if the thought of peeling off the layers to stay comfy during outdoor play has you no edge, no worries. Whether you're going for a walk or just hanging out, clothing in a current color like coral with a sleek cut will boost your appearance and confidence. So toss the baggy stuff, bag up the black and buy some color!

To look lean and long, zippered top (the vertical line enlongates) with rushing to hide jiggles is the best. For your lower half, look for a fabric that contains a bit of Lycra.

On the other hand, to hide a billy, opt for yoga-inspired bottoms with a roll-over band which creates the illusion of a flatter tummy. On top, try a tank with a touch of pleating around a low neckline which draws the eye up and down, so the torso appears longer and slimmers.

That is why, be casually cool anytime, anywhere!

Friday, February 12, 2010

How to stay healthy when your child is sick?

According to a recent study from the University of Arizona (which was written by Elise Nersesian, The Parents magazine, 2008, pp. 78-82), a woman's chances of getting sick double when she becomes a mother. And little kids, when it comes to spreading bacteria and viruses, they're extremely generous. So how can you stay healthy?

Elise Nersesian suggested three brilliant germ-fighting game plan:

Wash your hands.

Do wash your hands frequently. It can reduce the odds you'll catch your child's cold by 30 to 50 percent. And for added assurance, use moisturizing, alcohol-based hand sanitizer to kill any germs that soap left behind.

Make the Kitchen off-limits

"The kitchen is one of the germiest rooms in the house," says Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a microbiologist who studies soil, water and environmental sciences at The University of Arizona in Tucson. "Bacteria can survive on countertops and tables, so your child's germs could easily be transferred to your food and make everyone sick." That is why, let him help himself to food in the refrigerator.

Switch to Hot Water on Laundry Day

Do as mush of her laundry as possible in hot water and chlorine bleach to kill germs (except colored clothes). And avoid touching your nose and mouth while you do the laundry. Remember, that you're handling germy stuff. Thus, scrub your hands when you're done and sanitize the washing machine between loads by running an empty hot cycle with bleach.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Planning to own a company? Company Formation helps.

The great task to properly gain huge earnings is the proper management of building the right business. And when we say "right business", it entails proper planning and management. After all, who could ever want to end up in a bankruptcy or closed business. Of course, nobody wants huge investments will turn out into waste and losses. That is indeed a misery to the owner of the company and the lives of the family of the workers. Remember that owning a company is not a joke, neither losing business and job are not a joke either. So the proper way is to start in proper planning from the construction of the building, the location, the workers, the production as well as the income and the attitude of the workers as well. And not to forget, the name of the company as well should properly capture and explains the sole role of the company's business. It should not misled people, rather it attracts people's interests.

Therefore, it is essential to rely and trust the expert in all the terms and the process that investors should laid to the world of business. Remember, that all business are in great competition and to competitively aspire to play that challenge is to trust the expert Company Formation. For indeed, no one pays to lose and to plan is the right remedy in all aspects.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Water Safety Essentials

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over the last decade, more and more kids have been getting infections from contaminated water in swimming pools, lakes, rivers and oceans. Known as recreational water illnesses, these infections are caused by germs that usually enter the water buy fecal contamination. "The most common illnesses cause diarrhea and respiratory, eye, ear and skin infections," says Dr. Kimberlin.

As a result, Dr. Kimberlin suggests these rules to keep your child safe.

1. Teach your child not to swallow or get swim water in her mouth.
2. If you have a pool or a hot tub, check chlorine an other disinfectant levels on a regular basis.
3. Use only public pools that require babies and toddlers who aren't toilet trained to wear swim diapers.
4. Change your child's swim diaper often or take her on frequent bathroom breaks. Have her wash her hands afterward.
5. Wash your child off - or make sure she showers before and after swimming.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Painful Words

My friend's child is seriously ill. But I was shocked by my other friend who reacted when she told her that her toddler had cancer. She said, "Aren't yo terrified?" My friend (the mother of the child) replies, "No, I don't have time to be terrified. And even if I was, I wouldn't want my kids to know."

Realizing my friend's reply ("Aren't you terrified?") is inappropriate. I understand that my friend (the mother of the child) is in medical crisis. My friend should not suppose to react that way.

Sometimes, people eager to say something - anything - that they blurt out things they later wish they hadn't. Other times, they think they're saying something helpful, only to find out that they made the situation worse. Or they don't say anything at all.

I totally understand what my friend (the mother of the child) is going through now. That is why, I help her offering her the best I can do. She needs emotional support, so I told her to contact me whenever she needs someone to talk to.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yard-sale Secrets

John Fulghum, author of Everything You Need to Know About Garage and Yard Sale shares these tips:
No one wants to dig through a pile of laundry. Hang clothes on a rack with sizes clearly marked and put up a mirror. Keep a power cord and batteries on hand so people can test out the electronics you're selling. If they can't carry it, they might not but it, so provide bags and boxes for shoppers to cart their purchases home.
Furthermore, poor presentation means less cash. Place your items at table height and neatly organize them by category, with the smallest items in the front. Put an ad in the paper the say before the sale, and post signs that clearly indicate how to get to your house. Moreover, people love to haggle so to leave room for bargaining, price the items at 15 to 20 percent more than what you hope to get. And play background music to create a relaxed shopping atmosphere.

Does Mercury in vaccines cause autism?

According to Parents advisor Ari Brown, M.D., a pediatrician, Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative is the main ingredient that gets blamed for autism but it was removed from vaccines in 2001 and autism rates continued to rise.

"Some flu shots still contain thimerosal preservatives, but you can ask your doctor for a thimerosal free version," Brown says. She added, "The truth is that a baby typically is exposed to 25 times more mercury by breastfeeding fro six months - which the AAP strongly recommends - than by getting a flu shot."

Study reveals that there is five times more mercury in a single tuna-fish sandwich. Methyl mercury, found in fish, takes almost two months to break down and leave the body. Thimerosal which is ethyl mercury is rapidly eliminated - within a week.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bottle-feeding Tips

According to Charles Shubin, M.D., director of the Family Health Centers at the Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, breastfeeding isn't for everyone. Mainly, the choice is yours that you shouldn't feet guilty if you opt for formula.

"Your baby will pick on your stress," says Shubin. "It's important that feeding time is relaxed experience for both of you," he added.

As a result, he shared these essential reminders if you choose to bottle-feed your child especially during her first year of life.

Formula comes in three kinds: ready-to-feed liquid (the most expensive); concentrated liquid (less pricey); and powder (the cheapest).

Most formula container linings are made with bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that may cause neurological and behavioral problems in children. There's more potential for it to leach into ready-to-feed liquid in metal cans than into other formula types. The safest choice is powdered because it absorbs the least amount of BPA.

If you're mixing powder of liquid concentrate, use the exact amount of water the label says to use: Too little water can upset your baby's stomach or hurt the kidneys, while too much will keep her from getting enough nutrients.

Always cover and refrigerate opened cans of liquid formula, and use them within 48 hours.

To determine how much formula to prepare, divide your baby's weight in half: An 8-inch should baby needs about 4 ounces , for example. You'll be feeding him every 2 1/3 to 3 hours at first, but as he grows he'll eat less often.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bikemaster solves our problem.

I always love to explore the world with my friends. Oftentimes, we do have trip on the narrow side of the world like the mountains. We do pass through trails. There are also cases like we had our camping at the field and it needs our bike in order to reach there because cars can't accommodate to pass through. When we are caught by the night, it is essential that we need to use light. Good thing that our bike has complete set of Bikemaster.

It is always a problem especially when we plan to have a trip and everything is not in good supply. That is why, we make sure that everything is properly accommodated. And to give our bike the best accommodation from its parts to its essential gear, we have it check with our Bikemaster products.

Having daily trips is such a wonderful experience and it needs the right things to be used. Who knows, inevitable things might happen and so everyone is always ready.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Signs He's is Not the One.

I love him. I love all of him no matter if he's an addict, smoker or has numerous vices - liquor, drugs and even girls here, there and everywhere. I love him even if he has no job and even if he is just staying at home, I just do all the work. I love his kisses and the way he caresses.

When all this usual lovin' last for years, who can stand and bear the sacrificed of your superficial love? Are you going to pretend from the truth that you are totally, already tired? And when that "love" bears many children, don't tell me yu can still prolong your hidden agony of always the bread-winner, the decision-maker or the super woman in the home?

Indeed, many are hard-headed when it comes to love. Even if the evidences are obvious like - he has hidden something from me, he's stubborn and fantasy-dreamer, he has lots of vices, he puts me down and talk something bad about me in front of my friends, family and others, etc.

Before you consider committing into a lifetime marriage, it's time to listen to the little voices in your head for they don't lie. And contemplate on this Dating Tips: 10 Signs He's Not the One.

1. You have a list of things he needs to stop doing/saying/wearing if he wants your relationship to work. If you’re fixating on his flaws, he’s either not the one you want or you’re not ready for a serious relationship. Cutting him loose allows you time to grow and gives you the opportunity to meet a guy whose flaws you can embrace — or at least accept.

2. You don’t trust him. A small dose of jealousy can be healthy, but if you’re hacking into his email account, and going berserk when he goes out without you, something’s wrong. If there’s something about him that truly warrants your distrust, then perhaps he’s not the right one for you.

3. You avoid conflict at any cost. Fighting is healthy. And, when done right (in the non-accusatory, rational sort of way), it can be a great way to air grievances, fix problems in your relationship, and come to a deeper understanding of each other. Ignoring problems is not the same as having no problems at all… even if it looks that way.

4. When you’re sad, you don’t turn to him for comfort. When you’re a giant ball of tears and snot, do you lock yourself into the bathroom so he can’t see you at your worst? If you’re worried about scaring him away, one of you isn’t ready for total commitment. Mr. Right should make you smile through your tears and be a calming, not stressful, presence.

5. One of you is struggling with an addiction. He’s sweet. He’s exciting. He loves you very much. But he loves his alcohol habit or his weekly gambling fix more. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can change him or that your relationship will be strong enough to withstand the heartache that addiction will inevitably bring. An addict may be able to change, but he’ll do so on his own terms.

6. You can’t really imagine him as the father of your children. Ask yourself: Would he make a great parent? Is he financially responsible? Would he be an equal partner in your future together? If you have doubts, he’s probably not the one.

7. Your long-term, non-negotiable goals in life are incompatible. You want kids; he doesn’t. You go to church every week; he’s an atheist. He lives in the country and doesn’t want to move; you can’t imagine ever leaving the city. Superficial differences can be overcome, but differences in basic values are harder to smooth over. Ask yourself: “Would I be willing to compromise on this?” If the answer is absolutely not, you may not be right for each other.

8. You don’t respect each other. He puts you down in front of your friends and complains about you to his parents. You roll your eyes when he talks because there’s just something about him that embarrasses you. A relationship without respect can’t sustain itself.

9. You’re not attracted to him. Physical intimacy is a hugely important component of a romantic relationship. If he doesn’t do it for you, he’s probably not your best long-term match.

10. On paper he seems great, but you have this strange feeling… Don’t ignore your gut. You may get along on a superficial level, but if your instincts are telling you he’s not the one for you, listen. That little voice inside your head does not lie.

Indeed, love is perfectly amazing. But what if he's not the one. Remember, love flows out of the window when poverty knocks at the door. That's why, think, think and think. Don't be fooled!
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