Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stunning Summer Haircut

"A haircut that factors in your overall silhouette will make you look slimmer and more proportionate while distracting from figure flows," says New York City salon owner Mark Garrison (First magazine, p.10 - June 2009).

Dense hair that hangs past the shoulders doesn't hide ample bust- it draws the eye right to it. Plus, the weight of longer strands freezes any breezy movement, amplifying the visual heft of a top-heavy frame. That's why, choose a swing bob.
A bouncy shoulder-skimming style adds volume that balances a buxom top section. The key is to texturize just the other edges of each layer (instead of all the way throng). This imparts a soft, wispy feel while retaining width to counteract a large bust and wide shoulders. Also flattering: snipping the shortest layer to skim the top of the cheekbones. "This creates a gap between the chin and the cheeks, elongating the bottom of the face," says Garrison.
To style, spritz wet hair with spray gel and comb through. Using a round brush, blow-dry 3" sections, altering the airflow above and below the brush.

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