Friday, February 26, 2010

Writing jobs.

I admit, I am obviously addicted to writing. Actually, that is my passion, my utmost desire and want. But I never expect opportunity like this would flourishly come to my life. It is indeed God's plan.

Actually, when I was a kid, I have English. My favorite subject at those times is Science. My love of English started to show and grow as I reach high school which my teacher in English in my second year is talking fast English, with proper accent and intonation. Every time, we had our English class, I started jotting down words coming out from her mouth like bubbles. Then in a day I always have new words to learn that I often use them in a sentence. That is the onset of my love of wide reading, writing and speaking. Because of this positive incident, I started making personal compositions - poems, essays, stories, reviews, research works and expressed opinion. I am always able to express myself and I am never get shy to stand speaking English to the crowd, even in text messaging, through phone as well as through daily conversation. I am obsessed in learning English even until now. In fact, I am happy tat I know now where I belong. Learning English is absolutely fun!

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