Monday, March 8, 2010

Being single.

Why do people bother that until now I am still single. My work keeps me busy and blessed. This work which I love (teaching) makes me actively involved in school and it doesn't make me think of focusing about relationships or even marriage. I am happy of being single.

My friends, they bother me - me being single. They always keep me advising that it is a lonely life when I have no husband and children to cling to when I get old. But the only problem is I don't wan tot find someone because I don't even have time for myself. What I am now, I am happy, satisfied and I am enjoying. What firms my belief is that if someone will cone, that is God's will. I am living it all to God for He knows what is best for me. I trust in His will. After all, time will come for that moment that I will be walking in the altar with the man God sets for me. So why should I bother being single until now? There is no time to worry because everything has its time.

Why have bread when you can have a salmon
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