Friday, March 5, 2010

Evidence of our love through postcards.

There are good memories that I share with my boyfriend and everything out of that good memories are documented in a postcards. Actually, keeping those well-kept memories are such a nourishing experience that once in our lifetime, we both share our great love through an obvious picture.

Indeed, we travel to different places and have gone through depth of love. The only evidence that we could turn the hands of time and we suddenly stare and laugh is by looking through our smiles and moments together in a clear portrayal of pictures in a postcard. To save the date postcards also entails us to remember also the day we both spend the happy times we have. In fact, when we are older, that is the solid evidence that we could share to our children.

In this life, there are lots of wonderful and good memories to explore and cherish from. What tops the most is the idea of making that perfect moment through an art of colorful pictures, with dates written and the place where it was spent.

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