Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cherrapunji, India

Cherrapunji in India holds the record for the most rain in one month: 30.5 feet in July 1861. It also had the most rain in a year: 86.8 feet in the year up to July 1861. Mount Wai-'ale'-ale in Hawaii has the most rainy days (350 days), and the highest average annual rainfall.

Very high rainfall occurs when warm, moist winds are forced to rise. As the air cools, the water vapor condenses as rain.

Cherrapunji clings to a hillside in Assam, in northeast India. It faces the full force of the monsoon winds as they sweep north from the Indian Ocean in July. As the warm, wet winds rise toward the Himalayas, torrential rain falls for a few weeks. The photograph shows a dense rain forest in Assam.

The Hawaiian mountains are wet all year. They are in the path of the Northeast Trade Winds which pick up moisture from the vast Pacific Ocean. This causes the record rainfall on Mount Wai-'ale'-ale. It has the highest average annual rainfall on earth of 37.5 feet.

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