Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gothic Cathedrals, Northern Europe

Many cathedrals were built in the Gothic style in Europe between the 1100s and 1400s. The earliest and finest of these are found in northern Europe.

Gothic cathedrals are tall, graceful buildings with pointed arches and slender pillars. Many have brightly colored stained-glass windows. Early critics of this style of architecture named it after barbarian tribes called the Goths.

The earliest Gothic cathedral was built at Sens in northern France. On e of the most splendid is Chartres cathedral, also in northern France. This was built between 1194 and 1225.

Chartres Cathedral has the widest nave and the tallest spires in France. Its great stained-glass windows show saints and scenes from the Bible. It also has a maze through which worshippers used to crawl on their knees. The cathedral stands on a hill and its tall twin spires can be seen from a great distance.

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