Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gouffre Jean Bernard Cave

The deepest cave found so far is the Gouffre Jean Bernard Cave in the French Alps. In 1982, a team of French spelunkers reached a depth of 4,900 feet.

On a five-day expedition in 1982, the Groupe Speleo Vulcain set a new world depth recorded for spelunkers. Their route down included a dive thrugh a sump 131 feet long which led them into a new series of descending passages. The final case was measured as 4,900 feet deep.

France has other very deep caves. The Gouffe Berger Caves near Grenoble are .68 miles deep. Gouffre de la Pierre Saint-Martin in the Pyrenees is now known to be 4,429 feet deep.

Snezhnaya Cave in the USSR is now claimed to be the second deepest cave/ Explorers have reached a depth of 4,429 feet. They could feel a current of air coming through the rubble at the bottom, and hope to find another passage descending even further.

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