Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ciudad Valles, Mexico

Until the Pan American Highway came to Ciudad Valles, the place was just a sleepy little village. It is an old, old Spanish settlement, founded in 1533. Until the opening of the Centennial Highway, it was the best known tourist town between Monterrey and Mexico City and its hotels were jampacked with tourists every night. Now, with many tourists taking the other, faster route to Mexico City, the hotels along the Pan American ar having a rough time of it – which accounts for the slightly down-at-the-heels appearance of most of them.

From Ciudad Valles, Highway 70 goes west through well-engineered Sierra Mader passes to a little oasis-like citrus town called Rio Verder, and on to San Luis Potosi.

Also from Ciudad Valles, Highway 70 leads east to Tampico. Just off this road, about 10 miles east of Ciudad Valees, is the well-known resort of Taninul, a popular spa for many years. Not far away are the ruins of important Haustecan archaeological sites.

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