Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great Lake, Tasmania, Australia

Like many of Tasmania's lakes, the Great Lake seems shy in revealing her beauty early in the morning, as wispy clouds of mist linger over the water the initial fog disappears. Situated on the central plateau five kilometres from the edge of the Western Tiers escarpment and 1034 metres (3388 feet) above sea level, this lake was originally a series of smaller lakes which were flooded in 1922 when the dam at Miena was built. Until the enlargement of Lake Pedder, the Great Lake was the largest in Tasmania. From this point, a tunnel carries water through the Western Tiers to the Poatina Power Station. The lake covers an area of about 170 square kilometres and provides wonderful fishing as trout were introduced as far back as 1864. At Breona, lying by the northern end of the lake, holiday shacks are grouped along the banks.

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