Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The first day of school.

June, the month which the school has to begin in its another year for schooling. In spite of this, I am very much that I am teaching in the school which I want that I will stay for long for the rest of my life. St. Rita's College of Balingasag is the perfect place for me which I find it very more interesting and I am challenge with the kind and the system of the school that they are into.

Actually, my first stay in the school, I can say that I really want to stay for long and even for the rest of my life here in this school. But I do anticipate that there are lots of challenges that I have to go into and undergo for the whole span but I think that it is really normal. It is just that I want to share what I have learned in my past experiences and put that into this school because I firmly believe that God has given me the purpose why I am in St. Rita's College of Balingasag.

It is really a fulfilling and wonderful feeling to work in this school. I learn and have to learn even more and what is good is that I grow.

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