Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun in teaching.

Being a teacher is really a vocation because my profession calls for a tiring job that really needs a lot of patience and understanding. Everything should be properly nourished and well established especially when organizing the various aspects of our study because there are lots of things that I need to settle especially when I speak about classroom setting. The most important aspect of teaching is not about the salary but the spirit and the wonderful feeling that you have touched lives of those students who are thrist in learning and in educating themselves.

The children now are not like those children before because they are more on a restless type. They can't even sit for the whole period without an activity to do. That is why, I motivate them to do things in a more creative and fun way especially that I teach English and it needs application.

I always tell my students not to memorize the English concepts, rather they have to apply what they have learned through reading, writing, listening and speaking for I believe that it is in these skills that the students will really learn the subject.

In learning English, it is more about application of the concepts.

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