Monday, October 4, 2010

A Handy Medical Checklist

Here are five useful medical tips women should follow to ensure that their annual gynecological checkup goes smoothly.

If you're among that 24 percent of females who visit no other doctor, advise your gynecologist who may want to recommend such tests as urine analysis, blood sugar and cholesterol level, recommends Dr. Ramona Slupik of Northwestern University.

Make sure yuor gynecological exam includes a weight check; pulse and blood pressure readings; blood pressure readings; breast, abdomen and vaginas exams; a Pap test and a colo-rectal exam for women over 40.

If you're shy about intimate subjects such as sexual activity, give written questions to the doctor.

Keep a health diary and remind your doctor about illnesses, symptoms or other condition.

Between checkups, phone first if you have minor complaints. It can save time, money and unnecessary office visits. But always see the doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

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