Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan peninsula is made up of the states of Yucatan and Campech, and the sparsely-populated territory of Quintana Roo. one of Mexico's two remaining territories ( the other is southern Baja California).

For years the Mayan ruins of Chichern Itza, Kabah, and Uxmal have lured archaeoologigst and adventurers to this remote part of Mexico. Yucatan would be intesting even without its ruin, but these discover - the most important of which are easily accessible from the highway - make the peninsula one of the would's most fascinating tourist area.

Yucatan is famous for two things in addition to its Mayan ruins: chicle, the thick, milky juices from the fibers of the Agave fourcroydes plant. Until the end of Would War 2, Yucatan supplied most of the would's high-grade sisal, but synthetic fibers have since cut sharply into the benequen market and Mexico's benequen industry has encountered differt times. Thoughtout Yucatan extra-narrow-gauge rialroads called tranvias run from the henequen fields to the sisal plants. The motive power for the little tranvia is provided by a burro.

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