Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Have a Dream

I will tell you what this dream of a student that someday will lead the unseen creatures realize that the youngs cry for this justice.

As what we all know, all people have dreams. A dream to become what they want such as being a lawyer, engineer and many others. Some people dream to be rich while others dream of a simple, peaceful, harmonious and successful life.

I have a dream. A dream to live on a peaceful, successful and splendid land. A dream that there may be peace in this world of ours. A dream that other people may have reliance to other people. A dream that all people may have mercy to nature and they may help the nature recover the havoc they have made so that we may again breathe a fresh, unpolluted air. A dream that people who are evil may awaken, that they may transfigure from being wicked to virtuous.

I have a dream. A dream to live in a peaceful, magnificent land. A land where fresh water is flowing naturally which is free from any pollutant. A land that animals live freely out from their cages. A land that we hear the twitters of the birds. A green, clean and peaceful land.

I have a dream. A dream to have an eternal peace in this world of ours. A dream that wars may subside. That there will be no more wars in this world of ours. That the number of rebellions may lower.

I have a dream. A dream that others may trust other people. That they may be loyal to other people. That they may have an immortal loyalty. That they may not be a betrayer.

I have a dream. I have a dream to inhale a fresh air again. I have a dream to see the real wonders of nature again. To see extinct species multiply in hundreds of thousands. To see a flock of numerous Philippine Eagle flying freely in the skies above. A dream that I may explore the forests of wonders. A dream to drink of fresh water; free from any malicious pollutants.

I have a dream. A dream that evil people may realize their mistakes and they may be converted from being bad to good. That may regain their goodness. A dream that love may envelope all of us; that hatred may fade in one's heart.

I have a dream. A dream that the coward may become courageous. That the lonely will be glad. That the corrupt may become generous. That the liar may become honest. That the sick may become healthy. That the weak may become strong. That the dull may learn. Most of all, that the hatred may be loved.

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