Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remembering You this Christmas.

I am in the verge of reminiscing the times we have together eventhough we are not now. I am always in the side of looking back to thank you because I am strong now because of you. You have thought me lessons which really serves as a guide and a foundation for forming me into a more courageous being now. I have felt your lost and I know that we can't be because life leads us not to be in there.

The only thing that leaves me hanging on is the friendship that we have. I know that someday we will realize that the only best experience we have are the options we decide to happen for our lives. It is quite hard to move on and to face the truth but that is the only way we let ourselves free because we are not really meant to be.

I hope that someday when we will see each other again, I hope that that friendship we have before will not erase in time. I love you still but I am in the hands of the better person now and I am happy celebrating life with him.

Thanks again!

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