Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Party' 2010

Parties are always fun but I have more fun during our Christmas Party which was held last December 22, 2010.

The decoration of the stage speaks for the celebration. It is well prepared by the Elementary Department. It appears to really cater for the celebration with all its colors of the Christmas presence.

The most exciting part is that when our Directress as well as the nuns (s. Gloria and others) danced with grace and smiles on their faces. Actually, it was my first time seeing them dance. That is what dominantly imprints in my thoughts. I was amused and happy to see them dancing.
Indeed, there are lots of things to celebrate this Christmas. I am very much happy that I have so many wonderful memories to tell.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Live Dealer Roulette

It is so enjoyable to take time learning to play the game which is considered the most enjoyable game online. I am very much happy that having played this game is really a nourishing experience.

The only thing that makes everything in a common place is the pleasure I got from live dealer casinos. It is the only main thing which spells fun, excitement and joy and above all it is a place of much communication when one players corresponds to other players.

Live Dealer Games really deals reasonable games which makes everyone in a happy beats of heart because they just not only play games but they also wins much cash. What is best also is that they play the game in a way that they will be able to learn from what is best and expect to learn more on things because it surely helps them to learn the game with much passion and love.

The very important thing that caters to serve best is the Live Dealer Roulette which announces winners to divert their attention to play more and to attract players who loves to play and who really wants to try to play.

It is never a hassle to settle things in a way of making it appear lacking. What is important is that people do communicate for a sole purpose and that is to enjoy life in its stake.

Sister Annie gave me this blue t-shirt.

I wasn't expecting that Sister Annie is giving me this blue t-shirt last December 22, 2010 when we are having our Christmas party in school. She secretly handed me this gift and I was so surprised while she gave me this slowly. I wasn't expecting that she will give me one because I am not used to having receiving gift from a very high-position nun. But I am very thankful then because I love the t-shirt. It is formal type which was being packed in the plastic pouch. She gave me that blue-colored t-shirt, maybe because she likes blue.

Whenever someone gives me something, I always take this as my favorite thing because I love using the thing which was given for me by someone.

I am very much thankful to S. Annie for sharing me that gift of love which is coming from her effort and will.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cheap Remote Control Helicopters

Life is best structured and well-motivated if all are in the right maneuvering. Just like a parcel of hope that all are in the correct path because of the one that has the control of its drive.

Life above is that quite a fear because one may not expect what to happen when the above pressures has a problem. Thanks that there is a good thing now that truly deserves everyone to enjoy the bliss of life with the latest innovation that drives persons to positively mark the right way. Buy Cheap Remote Control Helicopters is the sole evidence that drives the helicopters in its accurate and wise direction while it is above the sky. With its perfect route, it can never go wrong as it directs to a pathway that leads to happy journey.

That is why, there is no problem if one has to take up without anything to worry about because there is a saver that truly secures everyone's problems.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tree

This tree is the most important tree in this Earth because it is common to all the places in the world. It can be seen in the eyes of everyone and it stood every important day of the year. This Christmas tree reminds people that the coming of the Lord is near not to punish the people but to save the people from sins.

This tree is very significant to all of us. It is a revelation of God's undying love for all humankind here on Earth. It is this tree which nourishes the blind eyes to see what it really meant to be love and to be cared for. God loves us and this Christmas season is a revelation of His great love for us all.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lab Coats for Women

The main important thing when one has the obligation to work in the hospital and to some other medical offices and establishments is that they need the use of the right gadget as well as the proper uniform.

Many nurses use uniforms at any type for their safety because their job permits them to properly maintain and observe the right uniform to wear for them to be protected from all the bad elements that the hospital or some other medical firms are placing into.

The main thing that safeguards them is in the hands of the right gadget and wear. Cheap Nursing Scrubs protect them from the many contamination as well as to keep the place safe, clean and free from any foreign elements that may cause havoc to their patients. Most important, Lab Coats for Women are also needed for them to be protected and identified as they are performing serious works in the emergency rooms or at the hospital.

Indeed, the indication of the various uniforms as well as the updates of the tools made everyone work for the betterment of the people, their profession as well as to reveal their identification.

Voice of Democracy

This is Karl Owen Sayson,the representative of St. Rita's College of Balingasag for the Oratorical Contest which took place last August 20, 2010 at Christ the King College in Gingoog City. He won the first place in that said contest.

The main focus of the said contest circled on the topic "Voice of Democracy" which gives the taste of the Owen's composition about the arising and the political status of the Philippines in that present time. It also shares the meaning of what democracy mean to all the Filipino people and how it is to be attained and how to attain it.

There are lots of participant who joined the said contest and fortunately our representative made it to the top.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Facebook features Online Chat

What is more exciting about the most-loved site nowadays where people from all of life are in the meet of knowing each other and generate more friends is the availability of the accessible line in communication.

For many months now, even those times of the onset erection of Facebook, I have become a member to them. In fact, there are lots of wonderful things I enjoyed and have to enjoy in the site. Aside from me having lots of friends now, I can even extend the wings of doing the wide communication because of online chat which Facebook now offers. Before, the site just generates us to our circle of friends to chat with but now because of their new innovation and the updating processes they have made and constructed, all the people are involved in the process. This makes Facebook on the rise right now.

That is why, I am gladdened by the way how Facebook is updating their site. I do understand that what they are more concerned of are the audience for us to communicate and extend messages to the highest level of communication. This is another manifestation that technology is in the verge of its rise.

Life is like a whirlpool.

In every instance that I am walking with life, I can view life as a whirlpool. Because of the many problems that I have, I am in the midst of giving up but I don't want to let things in a mess. I have lots of things to be accomplished in this world. Everyday is a new day for me and it is filled with various challenges. Sometimes I can say that what makes me surpass all the trials in my life. I am in the point of questioning everything especially that I am journeying with all my might in everything that I do.

It is quite hard to be the shoulder and the shelter of the many hungry mouths who are waiting for my graces. Oftentimes I do realize that maybe this is what is life leading me and it is just that I am in the verge of all of this.
I love everything that is in me now. I love my work. I love my students and I love being me. I am much thankful that no matter my life is like a whirlpool, I stand tall despite of the numerous trials I have experienced in my life.

I am thanking the Lord for letting me in and for making me pursue life no matter what will happen. I am also thankful to all my friends and to all the people who I encountered and become a part of my life because they, themselves add color to my life's story. I am happy in spite of the many adventures of life that I went through and I am going to go through.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pound to Euro

The big access that truly generates wide and diverse use is the needing of cash on hand. That is the main reason why everyone indulge themselves primarily to go to other countries to land a better job for survival of each hungry mouth.

When my sister decided to work abroad especially to Paris, I never doubt her sending us huge cash even my other family are in the Philippines. Every time my sister is on the go of sending them, she inquire the processes to properly convert the money to Pound to Euro before she sends in the Philippines. Good thing that she was able to do so. The said amount will turn big as it reaches the Philippines.

It is not really a hard task of solving problems at any sort no matter where in the world are we. Just like what my sister did especially in making conversion of money into it proper account is one way of revealing that the world connotes communication and access of conversation.

I am very much happy that in this way, even money has its own way of language.

What I usually do hide for myself.

As I have read through the article that has been posted on the famous researching site which tells about What Purchases Spouses Hide From Each Other, I have also that kind of those example individuals who are hiding much because of their behavior of cherishing what they want to buy, not telling it to the ones they love.

I am one of them who are definitely in that kind of habit. In fact, I don't want to tell my family about it because I think that if they do, they will tell me that I am not that considerate enough about my personal needs.

I do love to read and reading has become a part of my daily routine. No matter how I go, because of my love of much readings here and there, I buy books even if it costs my stomach to ache because of the main reason that I can't be able to eat because the money that is intended for my food goes to the book which I do love to read.

I think that is not a negative side, I pretty well guess but I do need and like to be in the middle of what I really like and when my morpheme asks me to do this, there is no way one would stop me from spending what I want. I even don't care if I don't have much clothes to wear because attire doesn't matter to me much. What is really I am into is more about reading and information in any sorts.

I do have lots of books which I keep them at home and there are those which ages can't tell. They are even roughly turn by cockroaches and rats but for me, there are still written marks that can be benefited from reading.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Made to measure Roman Blinds

The home is the place of great bounty and blessings. Much more than a blessing is the pouring of fresh air in the window.

My house perfectly welcomes my home with a heart and the spirit of protection from all dusts, dirt and some unwanted elements that nature provides. With the blinds intended which Made to measure Roman Blinds, they not only protect but they safeguard the safety of my house. With this kind of healthy atmosphere, I am always happy why many of my friends and visitors share that my house is indeed a home. True blinds explains!


What I like in our bathroom at home is the way it invites me to comfortably cleanse my body with water without any hazzle or second thought of taking a bath.

The mirror and all its wonderful amenities perfectly shares better function of serving me more than what it can give. I am very much lucky to have a bathroom as large as this because it keeps me well on the go always.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Apartment

Indeed, it is very nice experience to dwell into a nice place which can be called a home. That what defines how nourishing and good life is.

I am in the verge of getting into the right definition of pleasure, fun and excitement. In reflection of it, I have all the sources in settling into the nice place of knowing about life upon staying at holiday apartment.

The apartment makes me reflect that there are more to life aside from my being busy all the time. I love the way it tries to put us in a way that it caters to solely and actively know that there are places here on Earth that is worth loving for.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dog Holidays (Cottages)

There is always a reason to enjoy a wonderful vacation every time, anywhere at any ways. And if you are the type of traveler who wants to explore much about life and the nature of what importance does traveling presented, then dog holidays explain much of that state for you to enjoy your stay.

Indeed, I have been through experiencing the moments of being in the life of having pleasures and everything but what tops my choice when I want outdoor trips and stay is that I find it more appropriate and comfortable to be in the right place where I could feel the freshness of nature's bliss. That is why, I don't compromise myself to settle into just of meager amount. I always want my trip to be wonderfully plan and for my dog, of course, she needs the best comfort ever.

Dog holidays explain.

Vendor in Thailand

I thought that only few Asian countries are displaying walking sellers along the road but I then realized that all Asian nationalities are in this kind of marketing business.

This picture was taken in view of the place Thailand because it presents exactly what the place displays. I am in the verge of seeing the place with much realization because I was knew to know that Thailand has this kind of street business as well.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Canal Boat Holidays

It is so wonderful to enjoy life with much pleasure because I am in the verge of enjoying it all. I am pretty happy of the fact that I take life with much ease and comfort. The moment I let nature be in me together with my friends is the time that we are having a wonderful time with canal boat holidays.

It is the drive of the winds with its freshness, the greens of the surroundings and the blue colored water that drives us wherever we manuever to delight ourselves with nature. That is indeed a great sense for me. I love the pleasure I get from that and the moment I have enjoyed with it.

Thanks to the future world for making us at our great potentials.


I don't like the attitude of my friend for being so indifferent. She is good in front but wears a lot of mask at that latter side. I don't want her pretentious acts and the way she reveals "true" to her personality. She is just a fake. That is why, I don't like her now.

What benefit one can get from Medicare?

I always rely on the good sources of life through fostering what is really the best of it. I am in the point of realizing that health matters and that I should lay much portion of my investment in that. But upon knowing how explains the secret of worrying not on the much expenses in school, I am in the point of telling everyone that this is the key to have and to enjoy what life really means by securing the right health.

That is why, it is not a big problem when one has the prime need to tell the world how exactly wonderful everything is for the betterment of all concerns. Thanks to Medicare for making life possible.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I miss our friendship.

Irene is my friend, an extraordinary friend because she always makes me smile even at the least of my problems. I miss her company. She is in Dubai and now, I just knew that she has a baby. I am very much happy because she is happy now. Her name was changed to Salma. She is a Muslim now.

The friend I was once knew is in the tide of another story of life that make me learn that in life, we don't know where the wind will drive us through. I miss her so much!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Another year has to end and then comes another new fresh one. That is why, I wish you all Merry Christmas!

I am somewhat like excited or not this coming Christmas Day. It is because I don't want to feel sober because my mother is not here anymore with us. She is with the Lord in Heaven. In spite of that inevitable fact, I am very much happy because I am here on Earth. No matter how I keep myself happy this Christmas, I hope that everything is fine.

I would probably would like to make my Christmas Day a memorable one and I hope that God will make me happy in that day. I always want to see my family happy and me too wearing that perfect smile.

I hope that Christmas day is an enjoyable day for me.

Want to be recognized?

It is thus a big help for all the people who really finds real justice especially when the case pinpoints who is the liable person for that case or this.

I have found a site that truly tells without any doubts the liable person who is the culprit of all faults when one traces who the person is. It is through thorough identification that permits and even calls for real justice in the right manner and time.

Recognizing the many persons is that easy because of this site which provides all the facts and information one has to get out from searching through concrete source.

When the need arises or if you are in the midst of searching for the truth of any case, just rely and learn more on this.

Searching for a Laptop.

This morning, I have been at the mall because I was looking for a laptop that is so affordable. I intentionally wait for this month because I know that stores and huge computer stations who are selling laptops of any sorts and brands will be in sale. But I felt sober because I have not seen the prize of the chosen laptop that I want is not in meager prize. Maybe I wait for the 24th of December when laptops are really for 50% in sale.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

CRM Software

The most important component of requiring a business obligation is to make things happen in a systematic and easy-to-understand way. I am always in the point of relying the use of technology in my business and let that technological advancement works for my business.

Just like the other business owners from all walks of life, they too want to accessible make their success at the peak of great achievements and systematic presentation so that the vital aspect of huge market can clearly, instantly and well transact in their desired business.

That is where CRM software makes it easy for it to reach and extend its arms to help and diversifies the need of every business owners to connect 24/7 to their clients as well as to their workers in a way that proper access and transaction will always dominate the place.

There is no much problem when technologies always be a part of one's experience.

Lady Gaga's varied poses.

Is Lady Gaga's way of revealing herself to the audience from all walks of life a sort of over-reaction thing or is she this way for real?

Lady Gaga is indeed an extraordinary person. She is in her way different from the other eminent personalities because the way she dresses and fixes herself marks a brand that she is really unique and sparklingly different from the others. My observations of her are made clear because these evidences explain what I really mean.

Because of Lady Gaga's style of being extraordinary, there are times that I like to see her appear beautiful and interestingly I've-been-waiting-for thing but there are some pictures of her which made me get frigthened and afraid. But I just want to know what does Lady Gaga's life with in the state of simplicity? That is just the main thing which I want to know until now but my question leads unanswered because until now I can't decipher who she really is in ordinary times.
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