Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tree

This tree is the most important tree in this Earth because it is common to all the places in the world. It can be seen in the eyes of everyone and it stood every important day of the year. This Christmas tree reminds people that the coming of the Lord is near not to punish the people but to save the people from sins.

This tree is very significant to all of us. It is a revelation of God's undying love for all humankind here on Earth. It is this tree which nourishes the blind eyes to see what it really meant to be love and to be cared for. God loves us and this Christmas season is a revelation of His great love for us all.

1 comment:

Mariethy Mercy said...

I believe in what you are saying. Indeed, the most important tree in the world is the Christmas tree because it represents the symbol of Christmas that trees stand through all of man's life.

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