Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lady Gaga's varied poses.

Is Lady Gaga's way of revealing herself to the audience from all walks of life a sort of over-reaction thing or is she this way for real?

Lady Gaga is indeed an extraordinary person. She is in her way different from the other eminent personalities because the way she dresses and fixes herself marks a brand that she is really unique and sparklingly different from the others. My observations of her are made clear because these evidences explain what I really mean.

Because of Lady Gaga's style of being extraordinary, there are times that I like to see her appear beautiful and interestingly I've-been-waiting-for thing but there are some pictures of her which made me get frigthened and afraid. But I just want to know what does Lady Gaga's life with in the state of simplicity? That is just the main thing which I want to know until now but my question leads unanswered because until now I can't decipher who she really is in ordinary times.

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