Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pound to Euro

The big access that truly generates wide and diverse use is the needing of cash on hand. That is the main reason why everyone indulge themselves primarily to go to other countries to land a better job for survival of each hungry mouth.

When my sister decided to work abroad especially to Paris, I never doubt her sending us huge cash even my other family are in the Philippines. Every time my sister is on the go of sending them, she inquire the processes to properly convert the money to Pound to Euro before she sends in the Philippines. Good thing that she was able to do so. The said amount will turn big as it reaches the Philippines.

It is not really a hard task of solving problems at any sort no matter where in the world are we. Just like what my sister did especially in making conversion of money into it proper account is one way of revealing that the world connotes communication and access of conversation.

I am very much happy that in this way, even money has its own way of language.

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