Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sister Annie gave me this blue t-shirt.

I wasn't expecting that Sister Annie is giving me this blue t-shirt last December 22, 2010 when we are having our Christmas party in school. She secretly handed me this gift and I was so surprised while she gave me this slowly. I wasn't expecting that she will give me one because I am not used to having receiving gift from a very high-position nun. But I am very thankful then because I love the t-shirt. It is formal type which was being packed in the plastic pouch. She gave me that blue-colored t-shirt, maybe because she likes blue.

Whenever someone gives me something, I always take this as my favorite thing because I love using the thing which was given for me by someone.

I am very much thankful to S. Annie for sharing me that gift of love which is coming from her effort and will.

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