Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I usually do hide for myself.

As I have read through the article that has been posted on the famous researching site which tells about What Purchases Spouses Hide From Each Other, I have also that kind of those example individuals who are hiding much because of their behavior of cherishing what they want to buy, not telling it to the ones they love.

I am one of them who are definitely in that kind of habit. In fact, I don't want to tell my family about it because I think that if they do, they will tell me that I am not that considerate enough about my personal needs.

I do love to read and reading has become a part of my daily routine. No matter how I go, because of my love of much readings here and there, I buy books even if it costs my stomach to ache because of the main reason that I can't be able to eat because the money that is intended for my food goes to the book which I do love to read.

I think that is not a negative side, I pretty well guess but I do need and like to be in the middle of what I really like and when my morpheme asks me to do this, there is no way one would stop me from spending what I want. I even don't care if I don't have much clothes to wear because attire doesn't matter to me much. What is really I am into is more about reading and information in any sorts.

I do have lots of books which I keep them at home and there are those which ages can't tell. They are even roughly turn by cockroaches and rats but for me, there are still written marks that can be benefited from reading.

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