Friday, December 30, 2011

Preparing for New Year

Today sets the most of the preparation for welcoming the midnight entrance of the New Year, 2012. The people are going home from their long stay in the city or to their destination to celebrate the fresh year. 

I am one of those rushing individuals who always think of going home when special occasion comes. Yesterday, the people are like colony of ants in the bus station. They are busily going to and fro, here and there. 

Now, at last I am home. But this doesn't mean that I have to take a rest. I have to do the general cleaning and the make-over of the entire house as preparing food on the next in line of my-to-do lists. 

My sister and I woke up early this morning and we went instantly to the market to complete the 12 kinds of fruit practices and belief in celebrating the new year right. As many say, it is for good luck and success in living for 2012. Actually, that is the practice here in the Philippines. 

I see to it that I will be able to communicate to my sister in the US so that I can greet her. But I was waiting for her to be online. She's not online and so I was making my message, dropping it to her email address. Though we haven't able to chat on that day, I  am sure she will be able to read my messages. 

Preparation in the coming new year is this exciting. I am like those busy "colony of ants" who are making sure that they have all they need to prepare for welcoming the new year right.

A Fruitful 2011

2011 has been so fruitful to me. With lots of new friends that I have met and encountered. Bountiful blessings pave me to extend more help to others and to my family.

I am in great delight and happiness that the writing company in the US sees my potential that I was able to share my skills in writing. This completes my potential in expressing myself and imparting my sides to the real world in the
writing business.

I am always surrounded with beautiful and wonderful people who make me strong and motivate me to go through living life in spite of its ups and downs.

I was introduced into the world of more tests and trials which always make me firm, determined and positive.

I am happy that God has given me numerous blessings and wonderful people who walk with me as I marvel through this life.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pimp My Cube Contest

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pimp My Cube Contest

There is a wonderful way for your cubicles in your offices to make a total make-over. And it is in a sort of a contest which you, yourself are going to participate. It is called Pimp My Cube Contest

All you need to do is to take the video on and cover the most worst and distracting faces of your cubicles. The true nature of your cubicles in the look of a busy or disturbed atmosphere with all those things that gathers to make them look such. 

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Monday, December 26, 2011

My December 23-25, 2011

I excitedly went home last December 23, 2011 in the morning, but I took a ride late that morning. There were many people who were also waiting for a ride at the highway. I was with my 4th year students before and we were enjoyingly take a multicab ride to reach our destination. 

I bought lots of things as I went home. I had bought canned goods and other things for food. Indeed, reaching home, I was very happy. I find relaxation. But there is that big problem which erases that portion of my so-called "relaxation". The foot of my sister got that fungal infection. It looks like it was peeled off. I was in much headache of what to do and of what medicine is the best for that infection. 

I got all those hot water and mixed with lukewarm water. I wiped her foot with a cloth with the mixtures of those waters. I also put other solution such as ethel alcohol and betadine but I was just desperately upset. None of those items gives the cure. 

That is why, the following day, my father and I went to the hospital to ask help from the expert dermatologist on what is the best thing for my sister's foot, of her fungal infection of the foot. The doctor is very kind. She is perfectly nice and wonderful. She even gave me a free anti-fungal cream. She is really nice. She recommended me to buy the kind of other anti-fungal cream for my sister's foot. 

My father and I bought the medicine. We skipped eating lunch so that we can buy the medicine. Our money is not enough for the fare and the medicine. We budget them. 

Reaching home, I was quite in a secured feeling. I have the cream with me and I am sure that my sister will be okay. I immediately washed my hands and I cleaned the scar of my sister. It was terrifyingly a pity. The fungal infliction seems to scatter the whole of her foot. I am very much worried for her. I then do all the advices that the dermatologists is telling me. 

On this morning, my sister's foot is quite okay. She is feeling okay now. But I need to observed her for months. 

Thanks that despite I am not that happy this Christmas, I know that I can  be of great help to my sister. I love her so much!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Team Sportswear

To love sports is to love its liking with the many features and products it brings. Of course, the patriotism of people who love sports is not only limited to seeing their favorite player live but to extend purchasing their items for lifetime remembrance or souvenir. 

The reason why people do always have the sole jest in looking for a way to fully manifest in them the liking of purchasing their all-time favorite items of their favorite player is obviously natural as a human being for people transact memorabilia that is worth a lifetime venue of promise and need of remembering a significant event or popular person for keepsake's memories for persons are we are able to respond and take active measure of dealing with reality as persons are instinctly have the natural component of implying such action.

That is why, people from all walks of life are into team sportswear as they are always that active in participating in all sports and the like to fully grasp the meaning behind being a fan or and "idol" of such personalities. 

There is nothing more to enjoy in this world than to vest oneself with the comfort of living and enjoying their lives and part of it the kind that they can find shelter at buying online sportswear items. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In their eyes (Typhoon Sendong of Cagayan de Oro City)

In their hands. In the morning. People are busy.

Because of typhoon Sendong...

On the arrival of the outreach area, I have seen hungry mouths asking for help to be fed. They are waiting for food, for blessings to fill their stomach, for water to quench their thirst, for clothes to wrap their body, for shelter to protect them from the heat of the sun.

I was moved and touched looking at those children whose eyes are asking quickly for food, extending their arms and asking for more water. In their eyes, I could see the reflection of Christ who are really needy. In their eyes, I could see the very pain and tears of their hearts with no assurance on where to stay for that very night, of where are they going for tomorrow, or what's next of their lives.

They are really pitiful. Those dirty hands, those muddy feet and body, those small shanties.

It is like their Christmas is like "Where are you Christmas?" They are helpless. The houses are devastatingly in the state of unhealthy condition. There are mud everywhere. It is like you are in a world with mud soil that when you step on it, you will swiftly flown from the inside. 

The faces of the people are wandering in search of food and water. They are really pitiful. I can't hardly imagine their lives after the disaster. It is that hard to build again their missed homes and livelihood. Such kind of world as like that is not that easy to build up. It takes years for them to be okay. It takes time for them to build their stable shelters again. 

The children doesn't care on washing their hands as they take the food which we have shared to them. They grabbly eaten all the food greedily as if they are really saving their lives from hunger. There are also a part on the place where the burial is there. It is situated on the small "barong-barong" shelter. There are those that do forms many lines in order to get the food that the volunteers gave to them. They lack more on water. 

My heart tears as I saw them. I emphatize their experience and I can't imagine if that will happen to me too. I don't know what should I suppose to do. I don't know if I can survive in that kind of situation. But good thing that the help of the other people are then arriving. I thought what would life be for them as the night is about to appear in that day. I was really in tears. I can't imagine their situation. They are helpless and needy. Their Christmas is not that happy. They need more help. 

I am very much in tears looking at them. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sendong strikes Cagayan de Oro City

It was last December 18, 2011 (Friday) that took Cagayan de Oro City into its tragic event. No one expected that in just a glimpse, all those dyings and losings will take place. The wind blew hard and there was no signs of lightning that could aware them to be ready and rise up. It was momentously solemn and the people are sleeping in the midst of darkness when suddenly the monstrous water infest them unceasingly.

The people started panicking and roaming around to find a place where they could stay. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cough and cold plus fever

I am not feeling well this week. After all those stressful days from various activities in school plus the bad weather, I got sick. I had a cough and colds plus fever. That is why, I was absent this afternoon for my class because I can't stand to go to school sick. 

I don't really want to take medicine every time that I am sick because I believe in the power of water - water therapy. But my body is not that strong. I need to take medicine for sure and that is the advice of my friends. Without any doubt, just this night time, I went to the nearest pharmacy and I bought medicine. 

I asked the salesman about the best medicine for my cough and cold plus fever and he recommended me the right remedy. 

Now, I was quite okay as soon as I took the medicine. The syrup drops to my esophagus like it is a flowing river that I could seriously feel its drip. 

Tomorrow, I need to be in school. I really want to be there in school because I don't want to be absent. There are lots of things that I need to do for my pupils because on Friday is the examination day and we need to review more things. 

Being sick makes my day and mood worst. I don't always want to be like this. I want to be happy and okay everyday. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What to give this Christmas?

Last Tuesday during our Personnel Club meeting, there was a box that was passed to us and in it was the lists of names. Then, I thought, this is the "kringle, kringle" thing. We picked stripped papers with names on it. Those we picked are the names in which we are going to give gift to. 

I was so excited to pick. I hand-over my hands on that box and then I finally have the paper. On it is the printed text on the person whom I am going to give present with. 

Upon reading the name, it suddenly gives me the immediate thought, "What should I give to this person?" I don't really know the person well in terms of what that person likes. Then, I come out with my senses of asking his friends. In that way, I could be able to ask for help. 

Indeed, it is really a hard time for me on what should I decide to give to my "kringle". The person doesn't probably want make-up or beauty stuff nor love books...I guess! 

But his friends told me that he used to wear sling bags and that he likes it. I thought of thinking that that should probably be the best thing to buy for him. 

I thought of something that would amazed him. I am thinking of many things to choose from but what worries me is that maybe he will not like it. 

Now, I come up with a decision that I will be the one to finally choose on what to give. I don't care if he will not like it. But that thing that I will give to him is that is what I want for him...but I do hope that he likes it. (This is the hardest fact of giving to a person whom I don't totally know deep.) Whew...!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Third Party Logistics Software

I wonder how business flourish to fly and even extend high. There are some certain basis that could test the booming of businesses and of course, as what I have observed, when proper management and quality standard of products plus with the use of third party logistics software, everything is worth a big income and profits of business.

The good thing about this software is that it supports to make the tasks of people in a way that it helps to make their lives becomes easier and fast. The kind of system generates high capacity to lead the people's minds in a way that it travels them to go forward in the process of making everything possible as a good start and further heightened to even drive more. 

The task of the service lies in the term of making everything possible. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gluttony is a sin.

This lunch time, I was very busy on things for school. But my activity ceased for a friend of mine told me that we need to go to a house's friend to have a dine. 

I was quite in a great delight, thinking that I can eat the best food that I crave for, my ultimate want - spaghetti and fruit salad. 

We had a walk to their place and I was not discouraged because I was able to eat the kind of food that I want. It gives me much satisfaction to the point that I again and again went there to have a serve for those. Indeed, I was not able to feel my stomach, but all I did is to eat, eat and eat. 

I find eating this day as an enjoyable habit. That is why, I constantly finding myself in the near side of the table so that I could reach the food that I want to eat, the worse is that we went from one house to another. 

My stomach is like a canyon that is ready to explode. I was very full. I couldn't even breath. Now, this is what I call gluttony and of course, it is a sin. But I never mind that. What is in my mind is that I have to eat, eat and eat a lot. Now, there goes my bulging stomach that I could feel that it goes to my intestine. 

As I went home from that crazy party, I exaggeratedly goes to the comfort room again and again, defecating. It is such a horrible defecating experience. It seems that all the food that I have eaten went out from my body and now, I could feel a healthy stomach. 

What gluttony can do to me? This is another revelation that indeed it is a sin to eat in full. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Critical Thinking

Just this afternoon after our classes, all of us, teachers were tasked to go upstairs at the AVR (room) for the short seminar on "Critical Thinking."

I was sitting at the rear side of the room for me to capture the whole nature of the space. I was faithfully listening to the speaker. She welcomed us with a quiz that would test our critical thinking ability based on the points that we will be earning. They were 10 questions. They are very difficult, but I am very glad that I got 6 points out of 10. That surely makes me believe that my critical thinking ability is not rough somehow.

I have learned that Critical Thinking is the wide range of limitless ideas in the art of questioning that directs the pupils or students to exercise their "higher order thinking" ability,making them aware of what made them think and realize out from the various situations, reactions and happening in the environment, in the world. It arouses their curiosity and stirs their minds that such a realization of discovery would let them in giving importance of their worth that they have such a mind to analyze and fully recognize the essence of life through making them feel that they can do more than doing, it is through by thinking constructively also.

Why does gaining critical thinking in oneself important? Why is it beneficial and needed? How does it improve teaching and learning? How does it help a person in his day-to-day living? These are the following questions that our speaker is leading us as we go forward in the discussion.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Having a Meeting

Just this afternoon, we had a meeting with the other people who are part of the important event. There are lots of things that we have discussed and part of it is the important reminder that keeps our head on, most importantly on the things that matters our performance in the field of our profession.

I understand that the administration and the head teachers are garnering themselves to do their best for the better fulfillment of the teaching environment with their teachers.

It is good to have known their observations so that we could better understand that there are some points in our teaching methods that we need to improve more.

I was recording the grades of the pupils in the class record as I am listening to the speakers. Many of them outburst their feelings and have expressed their side. It is so good that such a meeting as like this showed that the people responsible, the "pillars" of the school revealed that every teacher should point out the kind of nature especially in the terms of disciplining the children.

It has been observed that the children nowadays are different unlike the nature of the kids before. Thus, the call to reprimand them is really needed because a teacher can't afford to tolerate themselves from not giving much attention especially when it comes to the bad behavior that they are displaying in the class. Indeed, reminding them is very needed for them to pay closer attention of what their teacher is telling them.

Proper manners, right behavior and good conduct should be introduced and taught by the parents right at the start of their being conscious of the world at home. But it is so sad to comprehend that this matter is blatant in the eyes of the parents. They rely all their must for teachers to discipline their children where in fact, right from the start, learning should start at home and one way of teaching them is preaching them how to respect and value people in obeying them at all times.

What I have observed about the children in today's generation is far more different of the kind of kids as of my time before. One command from our teacher, we easily do them and we pay much closer attention.

Now, because of the technological advancement and too much dependence of the gadgets in the third world class, the way children behave are copied from what they have seen and heard in televisions, videos and in the entertainment industry. I have observed that their behavior becomes aggraviatingly a problem. They tend to be rebellious, impulsive, hard-headed and restless. They tend not to study hard and it seems that schooling is just an extention of their playing routines from what they have learned in computer and video games.

This infliction is like a venom that victimizes the whole body of emotional and intellectual depletion of every learner. It is widespread. In fact, it heightens its wings to the level of demoralizing the minds of the children, leading to believe that it is okay to talk back, fight back or to disrespect people of various faces and stands.

Our meeting this afternoon realizes me to make extra and super extra effort to manage and to give much important more and more to every situation that calls for rapid and immediate approach for the better transformation of every learner.

I just hope that the parents, too will take part in that big role, forming their children to wrap in all its values and moral lessons with them who act as the first and would act as their FIRST at all times.

Indeed, life is not that easy and it is not that complicated. If parents will pay close attention to the needs of their children emotionally and spiritually, then they will know that why their children become an addict or the most targeted terrorist now will always lead and question them as they don't pay much closer attention to the needs of their children.

Their faults now, their children's mess forever.

Friday, November 18, 2011

In Writing

Oftentimes I do observed that I am abusive to myself. Why on Earth I am getting things more complicated. That is what I have felt that others tell to me. But they are wrong! It is just that I do endless writing jobs, making reports, do researches and even accomplish day-to-day goals. I mean, I usually take that as part of my life, a habit and now it becomes a "vice"?

I asked myself, "Why am I working hard?", "What is this for?" What if one day time comes that I will pay for the price of paying much for being abusive, that I have done of not being able to rest and stop for awhile.

There are times that I feel so disappointed of not being able to write for a day. In fact, I felt so miserable when I don't have words and if I can't be able to share my ideas and thoughts, I feel useless and worthless.

Some of my colleagues said that I look like I am in the late 30's or 40's, but I don't mind them for I know we have various goals in life that makes us look pretty "young" or "old. And writing defines me that their definition, I guess.

The moment that I have discovered that I have such talent as like this, writing, I never think twice to share them. My ideas speak more than that. My pen and the stroke of its mark tell more of me to them. It is like my life and I can't live a day without telling the world that, "Oh! This is me. This is what I have felt. This is what I want to impart." Sounds weird, but that is just simply the way I am.

Because of this unique talent in me, I have been travelling and well-traveled to various emotions and realizations in life that even one hair strand, the tiniest dusts or the most disgusted feeling of rejection, I put them to writing.

What I am heading for in writing is that the worth of my inner self is being heard and it is given a portion to be known. I don't have much problem about, if I am running out of words for the words just come so naturally. It is like a quick snap of a finger or a big, "OH!"

Being able to write defines me. I the expression in today's generation, a part of the century and a trademark of writers who have one common bond of cause, to be heard and get heard.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Michelle's birthday!

Today I wake up early and if it could not because of the other people greeting her, I almost forgot that today is the birthday of my friend, Michelle. Then, I leave a message greeting her.

I don't intentionally choose to almost forgot this day that I was almost forgetting her birthday. Thanks that it is not too late to greet her.

Michelle is my friend in school. She is married and she has 2 kids. She is really that hardworking for her family.

In school, I can see the vigor of her strength because no matter how hard the work is, she dedicatedly sacrifice everything for the sake of her children. I can see that in her. She is really a brave woman.

I give recognition of her for making me then realize that realities like being married and have two kids makes her do and work hard for her family. It is such a kind of reflection that I have learned that life is never easy.

To feel November 11, 2011 as 11-11-11?!?!?!?

I am observing the nature of the day today as I have kept in mind that I will not be carried away by the "significant" of this day, but rather I want to feel the "insignificant" of it as it is just as a usual day, but I was totally in the weak of that perception because the atmosphere is rampantly letting me feel that this day is really, this is it - 11-11-11.

I don't want to treat this day like it is not as ordinary as it should suppose to be or it supposes to be seem but I can't quit that feeling because almost everywhere, I am reminded that "Hey! Today is really 11-11-11!" It is like I am bound to have a celebration for this day. I could not say that I could fully ignore it nor could I say that I don't care. The environment is trying to break the tied concept of me, not feeling it. But I just can't, I just can't resist it.

It feels like that this day is like "These Words" (I love you, I love you, I love you) by Natasha Bedingfield. And indeed, the rest is unwritten... :-)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Indigenous Bag

Whatever the materials are for making bags, it is that it displays its own taste that brings out the best out from its structure. The style and the design also make it more appealing and attractive to look at.

Bags are that famously in fashion. In fact, most of the lines bags that are in demand nowadays are those that are made out of indigenous materials. Such as this kind of bag which I have bought online. It costs much, but what really appeals me with this bag is the design as well as the art that the weaver puts in this to look this form. It is made out of "kawayan" strips that are compounded or gathered together to come up with such kind of art, making it attractive and unique.

The most why every person make bags a fad is not with how much do it costs, but the materials and the style that has on it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bulk Ornaments

There are always in store for all the people in the world. No matter what kind of thing one wants to have or purchase, it can all be made possible all the time.

Always people go for the main deal that they can be able to save more without compromising their pocket and the quality of the material they are going to purchase. I think it can't be denied that such a kind of thinking would always lead to the fulfillment of what they think best out from what they want to own.

In times that they want to save more and pay less, there is always that great solution and offer that would not left them empty-handed at all costs. The bulk ornaments cater them to enjoy that lifetime chance of feeling the bliss of gaining more, saving much and owning that thing satisfyingly.

It is always a fact that when one spends, it can't be denied that they want only the best from what they intend to spend for no one can afford to lose and profit no more.

Whatever the price is, people go for what is reasonably be the best!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Hold my Hand" by J Rice

I really like this song. It speaks about being hopeful and to hold for what tomorrow might bring with hope. It is a very nice song.

When you are down and you feel that the world is against you, then it is very good to listen to this song. It is also an inspirational song.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cheap Printing Services

Anywhere in the world, to what firm one belongs and to what kind of job they are in, whether they are student or an office worker, they need the presence of printer right at their respective homes or offices.

There are many kinds of printer that do give worthwhile service for the welfare of the common good in a way of attaining and making their life fulfilling through the availability of their source equipment for their good. That is why, it is not a problem to rest what one believes to do in order to gain access and make printing their business.

The cheap printing services offers the availability of printers right at their hand. In fact, the source of giving the right information of making clear the paper works, or any other forms of reports can best attained when one has the prime source of printers. Thus, there is no need to worry if you are looking for the right one because it can all be in here.

All you need to do is to abide and trust to their quality services.

David learns how to crawl.

My baby David really learns how to crawl. At an age of 8 months old, he has the strength and determination to learn how to walk by learning how to crawl. I am very much happy to see my David learns how to crawl. It is such a fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to Change Your Address

The permanent home address is rightfully the kind of place where one is situated. It is the so-called the "home" that will become the most accommodating environment that will locate where you should go and stay when the night is over.

But there are some cases that would happen that you are going to transfer to another place and that "home" that you called will be then transporting and will be located into another venue. The main reason why it is a good idea that you should Change Your Address is to keep your contacts, your friends or your relatives and cousins be informed that you are heading and living in another destination where you will them live permanently.

The change of home address always happen in a person's life. This kind of transitions takes place due to opportunities that those places (the one that you have been transferred in) will be rooted as the home that will serve you with all the good tiding and new beginning of a happy living with more challenges and opportunities that you will be then experiencing.

Thus, in order for others to know where is your then destination of the so-called home, then it is rightfully essential to Change Your Address.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Feeling busy.

For so many times that life makes me busy, I then questioned myself what are these business of being busy often can do for me? How am I going to get over this? Or is there a way to keep myself of not being busy all the time flourish into myself?

If the purpose of life is to find for a living, work, work and work, then I expected to be always busy, but it seems that what I do is always keeping me apt to work and always at work. I don't really want to be overly tired with work but there is nothing I can do but to force myself to work hard more and more each day.

This is really what the purpose of life here on Earth. Of course, I need to work in order for me to sustain my needs and to buy that things that I need. It is impossible for one to live without hard labor. It is also that frustrating to let dwell into the kind of life that makes me like an aloof person of not getting much strength.

Indeed, life is really a matter of how we are going to live with it and that it takes must work and strength to go on and find our way to living.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Be happy!

What is really important about life is to live in great happiness and to enjoy life the way what one wants to drive his or her life.

I have been through lots of sacrifices and trials in life. I have felt the way to get hurt and extremely hurt and how it feels to be neglected. I have been through lots of tears and disappointments. I have experienced being judged and backbite as a worthless person who doesn't know everything.

It is really that hurtful to experience such kind of feeling because it demoralizes me and my wants in life. It really makes me feel unwanted and unfortunate. But as I have been stoned by those negative satires, I wake up each day with a prayer and light in my heart that this will soon be over and someday, I know that I will be happy.

Now, that time is now. I am very much happier than ever. I can do what I want in life. I can be able to see things in a clear view that life is not that hopeless but it is full of many wonderful surprises that out from what I have experienced before, all leads up to great and continuous happiness without measure.

The existence of life is to be happy and to live life according to what is pleasing to the eyes of God.

Thank you Lord that I am now in the process of gaining great happiness in life.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Richest Person in the USA.

As I was reading the news, I have realized that a person with much work and are that enthusiastically hardworking are those individuals that do posses the sole enthusiasm to fully work and find ways in order to live and gain more profit.

Just like Bill Gates who is the most known rich person in the US, which until now, he is still perseveringly stand that position as one of the most wealthiest person in the US. Indeed, to be that rich really reflects what kind of hard work and sacrifices in order to come up with that achievement of their life. It takes all the efforts and the will to fully study, research that even will go further test in a trial-and-error basis. It fully reaches to the peak of their success that what they have give full fruits of their labor.

To be Bill Gates is something extraordinarily excellent and almost perfect. The knowledge and skills are not just that kind that one can pick from the space, but instead, it is really his forte, his willingness and enthusiasm to have laid that must to fully disseminate the kind of talent he has shared to everyone.

It is of the most fervent hope and the most secured way that through the help of Bill Gates, his hard labor is now being enjoyed by the masses from all walks of life. Thus, the imprints that Bill Gates shared to all is that inflictingly perfect and wonderful that it has been used by the world at large.

That is why, everyone is useful and that no one is ever useless in this world.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sample Test Paper for Grade 4 - English

I personally made this test paper which I have given to my pupils. I want to test their skills in writing especially in grammar and spelling, their comprehension skills as well.

This kind of test is good for Grade 4 pupils.

I. Vocabulary. Identify the meaning of the underlined word in each sentence. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1. Tandang Sora was well-known in history for giving her services during the revolution against the Spaniards.
a. thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.
b. well-established form of government that is governed by politicians
c. cycle of the government processes and actions
d. changes in the establishment of the government officials

2. Fulgencio Ramos was the victor who held her heart in a wedding ceremony.
a. a person with determination
b. a coward who stands in the corner
c. a winner in any struggle or contest
d. a fighter who quits immediately

3. Tandang Sora eked out alone to send her children to elementary school.
a. to find the right person
b. to make a living
c. to ask for questions
d. to work on the existing problems

4. She was later exiled in Guam to stop her from supporting the revolution.
a. to gather
b. to distribute
c. to throw
d. to expel

5. She was patriotic.
a. describes a person’s enthusiasm and pursuit to attain happiness
b. describes a person’s support and love of one’s country
c. describes a person’s act of generosity
d. describes a person’s desire to be open and true

6. We, Filipinos, have heroes whom we can choose to admire, love and emulate.
a. to take for granted
b. to show love and concern
c. to destroy
d. to imitate or follow

7. Andres Bonifacio sold canes and fans for a living.
a. a stick or a short staff
b. a tool for cooking
c. a football equipment
d. cigarette pipes

8. He founded the Katipunan on July 7, 1892.
a. called
b. delivered
c. established
d. debated

9. Thus, under incompetent leadership, he took back the responsibility of supervising the Katipunan.
a. capable
b. immorality
c. resistible
d. not capable

10. He was a promising employee of a German company in Manila.
a. anything that shows destructions
b. something that calls for democracy
c. anything that portrays acceptance
d. something that shows assurance

11. The old beach is abandoned and dead.
a. to call immediately
b. to leave completely
c. to judge a person
d. to destroy the life of

12. The waters has turned murky black and was no longer fit for swimming.
a. dirty
b. sticky
c. odorous
d. fresh

13. Carlo longed for the beach of long ago.
a. telling the exact truth
b. showing sad faces of expression
c. having desire for craving
d. satisfying the wants and desires

14. He was strolling one night when a shell caught his eyes.
a. seeing
b. talking
c. walking
d. sleeping

15. He saw a small ball of fire hurtling across the sky.
a. move with little pace
b. move with slow motion
c. move in higher grounds
d. move with great speed

II. Spelling. Write the letter of the answer on the blank provided before each number.

___________16. a. rendezvous b. rendevous c. rendizvous d. reindezvous

___________17. a. mustachee b. mustaeche c. mustache d. musstachee

___________18. a. miragge b. mirragge c. mirangge d. mirage

___________19. a. shampagne b. champagn c. champagne d. champagnne

___________20. a. tomorrow b. tomorow c. tommorrow d. tommorow

___________21. a. soliloquy b. solilloquy c. solliqquy d. soliquuyy

___________22. a. occasion b. occassion c. ocasion d. occasion

___________23. a. yachtt b. yaccht c. yacht d. yatch

___________24. a. sepulchree b. sepulcree c. sepulcher d. sepulcheer

___________ 25. a. chef b. sheef c. shef d. sheefe

III. Rewrite each of the sentences below. Replace the underlined word of each sentence with its subject pronouns like I, you, he, she, it we or they.
26. The thief stole the expensive diamonds.
27. The elegant lady walked into the hotel.
28. The green palm trees were growing abundantly.
29. The lid of the box was left wide open.
30. The woman carefully wrote the letter.
31. Detectives kept diligent watch at the bank.
32. A mouse ran all through the house.
33. The chimney was extremely tall.
34. The Titanic was an enormous ship.
35. The nature photographers filmed the hippopotamus.

IV. Object and Possessive Pronouns. Encircle the word of the correct answer.
36. The thief stole (them, their) bags.
37. The elegant lady walked into (it, hers).
38. The green palm trees were growing in (our, them) garden.
39. The lid of the box was left on (ours, his) table.
40. The woman carefully wrote to (they, him).
41. The pencil belongs to the girl. It is (his, hers).
42. I ride a bike to school. The bike is (mine, his).
43. The lady wore a beautiful dress. The beautiful dress was (hers, theirs).
44. The children played with the computer. It was (theirs, them).
45. You can choose any food to eat. The choice is (ours, yours).

V. Reading Comprehension (Idiomatic Expression). Identify the meaning of the words in bold letters. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

46. Most people like to come home after work and put their feet up.
a. take their socks off
b. take their shoes off
c. relax
d. sit down

47. Mary was exactly the same as everybody else but this particular night she wanted to let her hair down.

a. wash her hair
b. comb her hair
c. really enjoy herself
d. really comb her hair

48. She put her favourite CD on and turned it up full blast.
a. to complete volume
b. to exact volume
c. to fine volume
d. to maximum volume

49. In the end her neighbour decided to speak his mind.
a. say exactly what he thought
b. have a chat
c. say a few words
d. express a point of view

50. A few months later they decided to knock down the adjoining wall and now everything in the garden is lovely.
a. the flowers are growing
b. everything is perfect
c. everything is growing
d. everything is flowering

51. Mary opened the door and as soon as they saw each other they fell head over heels in love with each other.

a. quickly
b. utterly
c. easily
d. slowly

52. I take my hat off to all those people who worked hard to get the contract.
a. respect
b. courage
c. congratulate
d. welcome

53. I'm sure sometimes you all wanted to call it a day and go home.
a. stop work
b. start work
c. continue working
d. do it later

54. There are times in life when it's very important to keep your chin up.
a. be smart
b. be careful
c. be brave
d. be cheerful

55. I must not forget either all those very important people, without whom none of us could operate, who work behind the scenes.

a. in the dark
b. at the back
c. in the evenings
d. in the background

VI. Identify the kind of Figure of Speech for the following sentences. Write Simile, Metaphor or Personification on the blank provided before each number.

56. Good coffee is like friendship: rich and warm and strong.
57. The fire ran wild.
58. Time is a thief.
59. Darkness shouted from a distance.
60. Language is a road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.

Friday, September 16, 2011

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Remembering September 11, 2001

It is really a tragic experience for all the people. September 11, 2001 marks the most painful experience for all of us.

I am remembering it. Here is the video.

Monday, August 29, 2011

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David at 6 months-old

This face marks the happiness of our life as our sister, Cecille bore this child. He is very cute. I want to hug David. I want to cuddle him in my care.

David is like an angel to us. Now that I am now an aunt to him, I am that excited to take care of him. I really love David!

Friday, August 19, 2011

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Monday, July 25, 2011

State of the Nation Address of His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III

President Aquino SONA Tagalog transcript
State of the Nation Address of His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
to the Congress of the Philippines
Session Hall of the House of Representatives
July 25, 2011, Batasan Pambansa Complex, Quezon City

[As Delivered]

(applause) Magandang hapon po. Maupo po tayong lahat.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile; Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr.; Bise Presidente Jejomar Binay; mga dating Pangulong Fidel Valdez Ramos at Joseph Ejercito Estrada; Chief Justice Renato Corona at ang ating mga kagalang-galang na mahistrado ng Korte Suprema; mga kagalang-galang na kasapi ng Diplomatic Corps; miyembro ng Kamara de Representante at ng Senado; mga Local Government officials; mga miyembro ng ating Gabinete; mga unipormadong kasapi ng militar at kapulisan; mga kapwa ko nagseserbisyo sa taumbayan;

At sa mga minamahal kong kababayan, ang aking butihing mga boss:

Humarap po ako sa inyo noong aking inagurasyon at sinabing: Walang wang-wang sa ating administrasyon. At ngayon, patuloy nating itinitigil ito. Naging hudyat at sagisag po ito ng pagbabago, hindi lamang sa kalsada, kundi pati na rin sa kaisipan sa lipunan.

Sa matagal na panahon, naging simbolo ng pang-aabuso ang wang-wang. Dati, kung makapag-counterflow ang mga opisyal ng pamahalaan, para bang oras lang nila ang mahalaga. Imbes na maglingkod-bayan, para bang sila ang naging hari ng bayan. Kung maka-asta ang kanilang mga padrino't alipores, akala mo'y kung sinong maharlika kung humawi ng kalsada; walang pakialam sa mga napipilitang tumabi at napag-iiwanan. Ang mga dapat naglilingkod ang siya pang nang-aapi. Ang panlalamang matapos mangakong maglingkod—iyan po ang utak wang-wang.

Wala silang karapatang gawin ito. Ayon sa batas, tanging ang Presidente, Bise Presidente, Senate President, House Speaker, Chief Justice, pulis, bumbero, at ambulansya lang ang awtorisadong gumamit ng wangwang para sa kanilang mga opisyal na lakad. Kung sa trapiko nga ay hindi masunod ang batas, paano pa kaya sa mga bagay na mas malaki ang makukuha, (applause) tulad ng sa mga proyektong pinopondohan ng kaban ng bayan?

Kayo po ba gusto ninyong makulong ang lahat ng tiwali? Ako rin po. Gusto ba ninyong matanggal ang wang-wang, hindi lamang sa kalsada, kundi sa kaisipang nagdulot ng baluktot na sistema na pagkatagal-tagal na nating pinagtiisan? Ako rin. Gusto po ba ninyong mabigyan ng patas na pagkakataon ang lahat na umasenso? Siyempre, ako rin po.

Narito po ang halimbawa ng resulta ng ating kampanya kontra wang-wang sa sistema. Itong taong ito, taumbayan na mismo ang nagsabing nabawasan ang nagugutom sa kanila. Mula 20.5% na self-rated hunger noong Marso, bumaba na ito sa 15.1% nitong Hunyo, (applause) katumbas ng isang milyong pamilyang Pilipinong nagugutom dati, pero ngayon ay nakakakain na nang tama kada araw.

Sa larangan po ng negosyo, sino ba ang nag-akalang pitong ulit nating malalampasan ang all-time-high ng stock market? Ang dating 4,000 index na inaakalang hindi maaabot, o kung maabot man ay pansamantala lang, ngayon, pangkaraniwan nang hinihigitan.

Kung dati napako na ang bansa sa mababang credit ratings, itinaas ng Moody’s, Standard and Poors, Fitch, at Japan Credit Ratings Agency ang ating ranking, bilang pagkilala sa ating tamang paggugol ng pondo at sa malikhain nating pananalapi. Ang mataas na credit rating, magpapababa ng interes sa perang inuutang natin. Kumpara sa unang apat na buwan ng nakaraang taon, mas malaki po ng 23 billion pesos ang natipid nating interest payments mula Enero hanggang Abril ng 2011. (applause) Maaari na po nitong sagutin ang dalawang milyon at tatlongdaan libong benepisyaryo ng CCT hanggang sa katapusan ng 2011.

Paalala ko lang po, sa siyam at kalahating taon bago tayo maitalaga sa puwesto, iisang beses lang tayong nakatikim ng ratings upgrade, at anim na beses pang na-downgrade ng iba’t ibang ratings agency. Sa isang taon pa lang po natin, apat na beses na tayong nabigyan ng upgrade. (applause) Alam naman po natin na hindi madaling ma-upgrade sa mga panahong ito. Itong mga ratings agency, nabatikos na mali raw ang payo bago magkakrisis sa Amerika, kaya ngayon ay mas makunat na sila sa pagbibigay ng magagandang ratings, at nakikita nga natin ito sa sunud-sunod na pag-downgrade sa ibang mga bansa. Pero tayo po, inupgrade pa nila. Sang-ayon silang lahat: gumanda at lalo pang gaganda ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. Isang hakbang na lang po, aabot na raw tayo sa investment grade, at wala pong tigil ang ating economic team upang tuluyan na tayong makaarangkada.

At may mabubuting balita pa pong parating. Dahil wala nang wang-wang sa DOE, muling nabuhay ang kumpiyansa ng mga namumuhunan sa ating energy sector. Patunay dito ang isandaan at apatnapung kumpanya na nakahandang tumaya sa eksplorasyon at pagpapalakas ng ating oil at natural gas resources. Sa huling energy contracting round noong 2006, tatlumpu’t lima lang po ang nakilahok. Nitong Biyernes lamang po, nilagdaan na ang panibagong kasunduan para sa isang bagong power plant sa Luzon grid upang pagdating ng 2014, may mas mura at mas maaasahang pagmumulan ng enerhiya ang bansa. (applause)

May kumpiyansa, may pag-asa, at tinutupad po natin ang ating mga pangako. Naaalala ko nga po ang babaeng nakausap ko ho nang ako’y unang nag house-to-house campaign para sa akin pong sarili. Ang kaniyang hinaing: “Miski sino naman ang manalo, pare-pareho lang ang kahihinatnan. Mahirap ako noong sila ay nangangampanya; mahirap ako habang nakaupo sila, at mahirap pa rin ako pag nagretiro na sila.” Sa madaling salita, ang hinaing po ng marami, “Walang pakialam ang mga pinuno namin kahapon, wala silang pakialam ngayon. Bukas, wala pa rin silang pakialam.”

Di po ba’t may katuwiran naman siya sa pagsasabi nito, dahil sa pagwawang-wang sa mga ahensya ng gobyerno? Wang-wang po ang pagbili ng helicopter sa presyong brand new, pero iyon pala ay gamit na gamit na. (applause) Wang-wang din ang milyun-milyong pabuya na tinanggap ng mga opisyal ng GOCC, tulad ng sa Philippine National Construction Corporation, gayong hindi naman sila nakakapaghandog ng disenteng serbisyo, at ibinaon pa sa utang ang kanilang mga ahensya. Bago sila bumaba sa puwesto, dalawandaan tatlumpu’t dalawang milyong piso po ang inomento ng dating pamunuan ng PNCC sa kanilang sarili. 2007 pa lang po, wala na silang prangkisa; lahat ng kikitain, dapat diretso na sa pambansang gobyerno. Hindi na nga nag-abot ng kita, sinamantala pa ang puwesto. Ang bonus nila mula 2005 hanggang 2009, dinoble pa nila sa unang anim na buwan ng 2010. Ibinaon na nga po nila sa bilyun-bilyong pisong utang ang kanilang tanggapan, nasikmura pa nilang magbigay ng midnight bonus sa sarili.

Para po pigilan ang pagwang-wang sa kaban ng bayan, sinuyod at sinuri natin ang mga programa. Dalawang magkasunod na taon na po nating ipinatutupad ang zero-based budgeting, na magsisilbing kalasag sa walang-saysay na paggastos.

Sa Laguna Lake po, magtatanggal nga, sabi nila, ng 12 million cubic meters sa dredging, pero pagkatapos ng tatlong taon, garantisado naman itong babalik. 18.7 billion pesos ang magiging utang natin para lang maglaro ng putik. Hindi pa bayad ng utang, nag-expire na ang pakinabang. Pinigilan po natin iyan. Ang food-for-school program na bara-bara lang ang paghahanap ng benepisyaryo, at iba pang inisyatibang pinondohan ngunit walang pinatunguhan—binura na natin sa budget upang ang pera namang nalibre, ay mailaan sa mga proyektong totoong may silbi.

Ang budget po ang pinakamalinaw na pagsasabuhay ng ating tuwid na landas. Ang aking pahiwatig sa lahat ng gusto pang ilihis tayo rito: Kung mang-aagrabyado ka lang ng mahirap, huwag ka nang magtangka. Kung sarili mo lang ang papayamanin mo, huwag ka nang magtangka. Kung hindi iyan para sa Pilipino, huwag ka nang magtangka.

Sana masabi na natin na tapos na ang utak wang-wang, pero nakikita po natin ang latak ng ganitong kaisipan na pilit bumubulahaw sa aliwalas ng ating biyahe sa tuwid na landas.

Mukhang marami rin po kasi ang nagwawang-wang sa pribadong sektor. Ayon sa BIR, mayroon tayong halos 1.7 million na self-employed at professional taxpayers gaya ng mga abogado, doktor at negosyante na nagbayad lamang, sa suma total, ng 9.8 billion pesos noong 2010. 5,783 pesos lang ang ibinayad na income tax ng bawat isa raw sa kanila, on average. Ang ibig sabihin, kung totoo po ito, ang kabuuang kinita nila ay umaabot lang ng 8,500 pesos kada buwan. Mababa pa sa minimum wage. Naman. (applause)

Nakikita naman po ninyong napupunta na sa tama ang buwis ninyo, kaya wala na pong dahilan upang iwasan natin ang pagbabayad. Nananawagan po ako sa inyo: Hindi lang po gobyerno, kundi kapwa natin Pilipino ang pinagkakaitan sa hindi pagbabayad ng tamang buwis.

Pinananagot at pananagutin po natin ang wang-wang saan mang sulok ng gobyerno. Ang masakit, hanggang sa mga araw pong ito, may sumusubok pa ring makalusot. Mayroon nga pong isang distrito sa Region 4B, may proyektong gagastusan ng 300 million pesos. Kaso hanggang 50 million pesos lang ang puwedeng aprubahan ng district engineer.

Kaya naisip nilang ichop-chop ang proyekto para di lumampas sa 50 million pesos ang halaga, at di na umabot sa regional at central office ang kanilang mga papeles. Kani-kaniyang diskarte, kani-kaniyang kaharian ang nadatnan nating situwasyon sa DPWH. Sinubukan nilang ipagpatuloy ang nakasanayan na nila. Kadalasan, dahil sa lump-sum na pagbibigay ng pondo, wala nang tanung-tanong kung ano ang plano at detalye ng proyekto. Miski yata, sabi ng iba, bahay ng gagamba ang ipapatayo, bibigyan ng pondo, basta may padrino.

Hindi ito pinalusot ni Secretary Babes Singson. (applause) Tinanggal na niya sa puwesto ang district engineer. Pinigilan din po ang pag-award ng proyektong ito para busisiin kung ano pang magic ang nangyari. Masusi na ring iniimbestigahan lahat ng nagkuntsabahan. Ang mga kontratistang mapatunayang nakipagsabwatan para mag-tongpats sa mga proyekto, ibablack-list natin.
Tingnan nga po ninyo ang idinulot na perhuwisyo ng pagwawang-wang sa sistema: Tuloy ang pagdusa ng mamamayang dapat nakikinabang na sa proyekto ng bayan.

Hindi lang po iyan sa Region 4B nadiskubre. Ngunit natigil na po ito dahil hindi na padrino kundi tamang proseso ang naghahari sa DPWH. Hindi na puwedeng walang work program; kailangang magpakita ng pinag-isipang plano para hindi magkasalungat ang pagsasagawa ng mga proyekto. Malinis at hayag na ang bidding, at pantay na ang pagkakataon sa pagpasok ng mga kontratista.

Sa sistemang pinaiiral ngayon sa DPWH, nakatipid na tayo ng dalawa’t kalahating bilyong piso, at umaasa tayo na aabot pa sa anim hanggang pitong bilyong piso ang matitipid sa taon na ito. (applause) Ang pinakamahalaga po, nakakaasa na tayo sa mga kalsadang matino, hindi ‘yung maambunan lang ay lulundo o mabibiyak agad. Paniwala natin dati, imposibleng maitama ng DPWH ang sistema nila. Hindi lang po ito posible; sa unang taon pa lamang, ginagawa na natin ito.

Kahit po sa mga bukirin, may mga nagwawang-wang din. Bago tayo maupo noong 2010, nag-angkat ang bansa ng 2.3 million metric tons ng bigas. 1.3 million metric tons lamang ang kailangan nating angkatin, ngunit pinasobrahan pa nila ito ng isang milyong tonelada. Dahil nga sobra-sobra ang inangkat, kinailangan pa nating gumastos muli sa mga bodegang pagtatambakan lang naman ng barko-barkong bigas.

Ilang taon bang walang saysay na pinasobrahan ang bigas na inaangkat? Dahil dito, umiral ang pag-iisip na habambuhay na tayong aangkat ng bigas. Ang akala ng marami, wala na talaga tayong magagawa.

Ngunit sa loob lamang ng isang taon, pinatunayan nating mali sila. Ngayon, ang dating 1.3 million metric tons na kakulangan natin sa bigas, halos nangalahati na; 660,000 metric tons na lang (applause) po ang kailangan nating angkatin. Kahit dagdagan pa natin iyan ng panangga laban sa sakuna at gawing 860,000 metric tons—na ginagawa na nga po natin—mas mababa pa rin ito sa tinatayang taunang kakulangan na 1.3 million metric tons.

At hindi po buwenas lang ang nangyaring pag-angat ng ating rice productivity. Bunga po ito ng matinong pamamalakad: ng paggamit ng maiinam na klase ng binhi, at masusi at epektibong paggastos para sa irigasyon. Nito nga pong nakaraang taon, labing-isang libo, animnaraan at labing-isang bagong ektarya ng bukirin ang napatubigan natin. Dagdag pa iyan sa halos dalawandaan at labindalawang libong ektarya na nakumpuni o nabigyang muli ng irigasyon matapos ang panahon ng pagkakatiwangwang. Ang resulta: umangat ng 15.6% ang inani nating palay noong nakaraang taon.

Ang gusto nating mangyari: Una, hindi tayo aangkat ng hindi kailangan, para lang punan ang bulsa ng mga gustong magsariling-diskarte ng kita sa agrikultura. Ikalawa: Ayaw na nating umasa sa pag-angkat; ang isasaing ni Juan dela Cruz, dito ipupunla, dito aanihin, dito bibilhin. (applause)

Balikan din po natin ang dinatnang kalagayan ng ating mga kawal at kapulisan. Labingtatlong libong piso po ang karaniwang suweldo ng isang PO1 sa Metro Manila. Apat na libong piso daw rito ang napupunta sa upa ng bahay. Tila tama nga po na isang-katlo ng kanilang sahod diretso na sa upa. Isang-katlo pa nito, para naman sa pagkain. At ang natitirang isang-katlo, para sa kuryente, tubig, pamasahe, pampaaral sa anak, gamot sakaling may magkasakit, at iba pa. Maganda na nga po kung tumabla ang kita niya sa gastusin. Kapag naman kinapos, malamang sa five-six po sila lalapit. At kapag nagpatung-patong ang interes ng utang nila, makakatanggi kaya sila sa tuksong dumelihensya?

Kaya ang ipinangako nating solusyun dito pabahay, ipinangako natin nitong Pebrero, ngayong Hulyo ay tinutupad na. Nakapag-abot na po tayo ng apat na libong Certificate of Entitlement to Lot Allocation sa magigiting nating kawal at pulis. Bahagi pa lang po ito ng target nating kabuuang dalawampu’t isang libo at walong daang bahay sa pagtatapos ng taong ito. Ang dating apatnalibong ibinabayad para sa upa kada buwan, ngayon, dalawandaang piso na lang, para pa sa bahay na pagmamay-ari talaga nila. (applause) Ang dating nalalagas na halaga na pambayad sa buwanang renta, maaari nang igugol para sa ibang gastusin.

Mayroon pa raw pong mahigit isang libong bahay na natitira, kaya po sa mga pulis at sundalo nating di pa nakakapagpasa ng kanilang mga papeles, last call na po para sa batch na ito. Pero huwag po kayong mag-alala, sa susunod na taon, lalawak pa ang ating pabahay, at hindi lang pulis at kawal sa Luzon ang makikinabang. Inihahanda na ng NHA ang lupang patatayuan sa Visayas at Mindanao, para sa susunod na taon, (applause) makakapagpatayo na tayo ng mga bahay doon. Sa ating mga kawani ng Bureau of Jail Management and Penology at Bureau of Fire Protection, may good news pa rin po ako sa inyo: kasama na po kayo rito. (applause)

Kung seguridad na rin lang po ang ating pag-uusapan, di ba’t karugtong din nito ang ating pambansang dangal? Dati, hindi man lang natin makuhang pumalag tuwing may sisindak sa atin sa loob mismo ng ating bakuran. Malinaw ang pahiwatig natin ngayon sa buong mundo: Ang sa Pilipinas ay sa Pilipinas; (applause) kapag tumapak ka sa Recto Bank, para ka na ring tumapak sa Recto Avenue. (applause)

Tama nga po kaya ang kuwento tungkol sa isang stand-off noong araw? Tinapatan daw ang mga marino natin ng kanyon. Ang ginawa nila nung gabi, pumutol ng puno ng niyog, pininturahan ito ng itim, saka itinutok sa kalaban. (laughter) Tapos na po ang panahong iyan. Parating na ang mga capability upgrade at modernization sa mga kagamitan ng ating Sandatahang Lakas. Literal na pong naglalakbay sa karagatan papunta rito ang kauna-unahan nating Hamilton Class Cutter, (applause) isang mas modernong barko na magagamit natin para mabantayan ang ating mga baybayin. Maaari pa po tayong makakuha ng mga barkong tulad nito. Idagdag iyan sa kukunin na nating mga helicopter, plural po yun, patrol craft, at sandata na bultong bibilhin ng AFP, PNP, kasama na ang DOJ upang makakuha ng malalaking diskuwento. Lahat po ito, makakamtan sa matinong pamamahala; mabibili sa tamang presyo nang walang kailangang ipadulas kung kani-kanino.

Wala tayong balak mang-away, pero kailangan ding mabatid ng mundo na handa tayong ipagtanggol ang atin. (applause) Pinag-aaralan na rin po natin ang pag-angat ng kaso sa West Philippine Sea sa International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, (applause) upang masigurong sa mga susunod na pagkakataon ay hinahon at pagtitimpi ang maghahari tuwing may alitan sa teritoryo.

Alam ko pong magbubunga ang pag-aarugang ipinapamalas natin sa mga lingkod-bayan na nakatutok sa ating seguridad. Mantakin po ninyo: sa unang anim na buwan ng 2010, umabot sa isanlibo at sampung (1,010) kotse at motorsiklo ang nanakaw. Ikumpara po natin iyan sa apatnaraan at animnapung (460) kotse at motorsiklong nanakaw mula Enero hanggang Hunyo ng taong ito. Ang laki po ng naibawas, di po ba? Malas ko lang po siguro na ‘yung isa o dalawang kaso ng carnapping ang nai-heheadline, at hindi ang pagbawas sa mga insidente nito o ang mas mataas na porsyento ng mga nanakaw na kotse na naibalik na sa kanilang may-ari.

Isa pa pong halimbawa ng pagbabagong tinatamasa natin: Mayo ng taong 2003 nang lagdaan ang Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act, pero dahil hindi sineryoso ng estado ang pagpapatupad nito, dalawampu’t siyam na indibiduwal lamang ang nahatulan sa loob ng pitong taon. Nalagpasan na po natin iyan, dahil umabot na sa tatlumpu’t isang human traffickers ang nahatulan sa ating administrasyon. Ito na nga po siguro ang sinasabing “sea change” ni Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ng Amerika. Dahil dito, natanggal na tayo sa Tier 2 Watchlist ng Trafficking in Persons Report nila. (applause) Kung hindi tayo natanggal sa watchlist na ito, siguradong napurnada pa ang mga grant na maaari nating makuha mula sa Millenium Challenge Corporation at iba pa.

Dumako po tayo sa trabaho. Dagdag-trabaho ang unang panata natin sa Pilipino. Ang 8.0% na unemployment rate noong Abril ng nakaraang taon, naibaba sa 7.2% nitong Abril ng 2011. (applause) Tandaan po natin: moving target ang nasa hanay ng ating unemployed, dahil taun-taon ay may mga bagong graduate na naghahanap ng trabaho. Nito nga pong huling taon, nadagdag pa sa bilang nila ang libu-libong hawi boys, tagasabit ng banderitas, at iba pang mga Pilipinong kumuha ng pansamantalang kabuhayan mula sa eleksyon. Ang resulta po natin: Isang milyon at apatnaraang libong trabahong nalikha nitong nakaraang taon, nagtatapos po ng Abril.

Dati, nakapako sa pangingibang-bansa ang ambisyon ng mga Pilipino. Ngayon, may pagpipilian na siyang trabaho, at hangga’t tinatapatan niya ng sipag at determinasyon ang kanyang pangangarap, tiyak na maaabot niya ito.
Malaki pa po ang puwedeng madagdag sa trabahong nililikha sa ating bansa. Ayon pa lang po sa website nating Philjobnet, may limampung libong trabahong hindi napupunuan kada buwan dahil hindi tugma ang kailangan ng mga kumpanya sa kakayahan at kaalaman ng mga naghahanap ng trabaho. Hindi po natin hahayaang masayang ang pagkakataong ito; ngayon pa lang, nagtatagpo na ang kaisipan ng DOLE, CHED, TESDA, at DepEd upang tugunan ang isyu ng job mismatch. Susuriin ang mga curriculum para maituon sa mga industriyang naghahanap ng empleyado, at gagabayan ang mga estudyante sa pagpili ng mga kursong hitik sa bakanteng trabaho.

Ngunit aanhin naman po natin ang mga numerong naghuhudyat ng pag-asenso ng iilan, kung marami pa rin ang napapag-iwanan? Ang unang hakbang: tinukoy natin ang totoong nangangailangan; namuhunan tayo sa pinakamahalaga nating yaman: ang taumbayan. Sa dalawang milyong pamilyang rehistrado sa ating Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, isang milyon at animnaraang libo na ang nakakatanggap ng benepisyo nito. Sa pagpapakitang-gilas ni Secretary Dinky Soliman, (applause) tinatayang may mahigit isandaang libong pamilya, uulitin ko po, mahigit isandaang libong pamilya ang naiaahon natin mula sa kahirapan kada buwan. Kaya naman mataas ang aking kumpiyansang makukumpleto ang 1.3 million na dagdag na pamilya, mula sa kabuuang 2.3 milyong target na benepisyaryo ng CCT bago matapos ang taong ito. At sa compliance rate nito na hindi bababa sa 92%, milyun-milyon na rin po ang inang regular na nagpapacheck-up sa mga health centers, ang mga sanggol na napabakunahan, at ang mga batang hindi hinahayaan sa labas ng paaralan. (applause)

Simula pa lang po ito, at sa ganitong kalinaw na mga resulta, umaasa ako sa suporta ng bawat Pilipino, lalo na po ng lehislatura, sa mungkahi nating salinan pa ng pondo ang Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. Inaasam po natin na bago matapos ang 2012, tatlong milyong pamilya na ang mabibigyan ng puhunan para sa kanilang kinabukasan.

Binibigyan natin ang mga maralitang pamilyang ito ng pagkakataong makaahon sa buhay, dahil ang pag-asenso nila ay pag-angat rin ng buong bansa. Sino ang tatangkilik sa mga produkto at serbisyo ng mga negosyante, kung isang kahig, isang tuka naman ang mamimili? Kapag may amang kumapit sa patalim para may kainin ang kanyang pamilya, at siya ay magnakaw o nangholdap, sino ba ang puwedeng mabiktima ng krimen kundi tayo rin? Kung ang mga kababayan natin ay walang maayos na pagkain o tahanan, mahina ang kalusugan at may malubhang karamdaman, hindi ba’t tayo rin ang nasa peligrong mahawa sa kanilang sakit?

Naglalatag po tayo ng pagbabago upang mas mapatibay ang pundasyon ng maaliwalas na bukas para sa lahat. Halimbawa po, sa kalusugan: Di ba’t kapansin-pansin ang pagtaas ng bilang ng mga benepisyaryo ng PhilHealth tuwing maghahalalan? Ngayon, sa pamamagitan ng National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR), tiniyak natin na ang limang milyon at dalawandaang libong pamilyang Pilipino na nakikinabang sa PhilHealth ay ang talagang mga nangangailangan nito. Malawakang pag-unlad at pag-asenso ng lahat: Iyan po ang panata natin. Walang maiiwan sa tuwid na landas. (applause)

Tumungo naman po tayo sa ARMM. Ang dating sistema: Nagbabatuhan lang ng huwad na utang ng loob ang mga baluktot na kandidato. Kapag pambansang halalan, malaya ang nakaupo sa ARMM na imane-obra ang makinarya sa kaniyang rehiyon para matiyak na bokya o zero ang boto ng mga hindi kaalyado. Kapag naman eleksyon sa ARMM at maniningil na ng utang si Mayor o Governor, ang administrasyon naman ang magpapatakbo ng makinarya para manalo ang kanilang kandidato.

Ayon nga po sa naungkat ng COA, sa opisina ng regional governor ng ARMM, mula Enero 2008 hanggang Setyembre 2009, walumpung, uulitin ko po, walumpung porsyento ng mga disbursement ang napunta sa mga cash advance na wala namang maayos na paliwanag. Kung hindi nawala ang pondong ito, nakatapos na sana ang isang batang sa ngayon, tumatawid sa ghost bridge, para pumasok sa ghost school, kung saan tuturuan siya ng ghost teacher. (applause) Kaawa-awang bata, walang humpay na paghihirap, at walang pag-asa ng pag-asenso.

Gusto nating maranasan ng ARMM ang benepisyo ng tamang pamamahala. Kaya ang atin pong minungkahing solusyon: synchronization. Dahil dito, kailangan nilang tumutok sa kanila-kanilang mga kampanya; magiging mas patas ang labanan, at lalabnaw ang command votes. Salamat po sa Kongreso at naipasa na ang batas na magsasabay sa halalan ng ARMM sa halalang pambansa. (applause)

May nagtatanong po, bakit po postponement ang kailangan? Sa kagustuhang makabalik sa puwesto, nakahanda ang ilan na ulitin ang nakagawian para manalo. Isipin na lang po ninyo kung pumayag tayo sa kagustuhan ng mga kontra, at itinuloy natin ang eleksyon. Wala po silang ibang gagawin sa loob ng dalawang taon kundi paghandaan ang susunod na halalan at isiksik ang kalokohan nila sa mas maigsing panahon. Habang nananatili sa pwesto ang mga utak wang-wang na opisyal, naiiwan namang nakalubog sa kumunoy ng kawalang-pagasa ang taumbayan.

Wala akong duda sa kahihinatnan ng mga repormang inilatag na natin. Hindi po tayo nagbubukambibig lang; may kongkretong resulta ang ating mga paninindigan. Kapag sinabi nating tuwid na daan, may katapat itong kalsada sa Barangay Bagumbayan sa Sta. Maria, Laguna. Kapag sinabi nating malinis na pamamahala, may dadaloy na malinis na tubig sa mga liblib na lugar gaya ng nasa Barangay Poblacion, sa Ferrol, Romblon. Kapag sinabi nating liwanag ng pagbabago, titiyakin nating may liwanag na tatanglaw sa mga pamayanang dati ay nangangapa sa aandap-andap na gasera, gaya ng ginawa natin sa Barangay San Marcos, sa Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. Ganito na ang nangyayari sa marami pang ibang lugar; pinipilit nating ito rin ang mangyari sa kabuuan ng Pilipinas.

Nakatutok na po ang iba’t ibang ahensya ng gobyerno; nag-uugnayan at nagtutulungan sila upang maabot at mapabilis ang mga solusyon sa mga problemang kaytagal nang pinapasan ng bayan.

Di po ba’t may problema tayo sa baha, na alam naman nating dulot ng walang humpay at ilegal na pagputol ng mga puno? Ang dating solusyon: photo-op ng pagtatanim na ang tanging benepisyaryo ay ang nagpapapoging pulitiko. Nagtanim nga ng puno kontra-baha, pero hindi naman siniguro na mananatiling nakatayo ang mga ito pag-alis nila.

Isa sa mga solusyong hinahanda na po at pinag-aaralan ay ang gawing kapaki-pakinabang sa mga pamayanan ang pagbabantay ng puno. Bibigyan sila ng binhi ng kape at cacao para itanim at mamunga ng kabuhayan. Habang hinihintay ang ani, makakakuha sila ng stipend upang bantayan naman ang mga punong itinanim laban sa baha. Puwedeng maging benepisyaryo ng programang ito ang mga informal settlers, na ngayon ay nagkukumpulan sa siyudad. Mamumuhunan tayo sa taumbayan, habang namumuhunan din sa kalikasan.

Noon bang isang taon, inisip kaya natin na kaya nating gawin ito? Sa ngayon, tinutupad na natin ang ating mga pangako. Bukas makalawa, katotohanan na ang lahat ng ating mga pinangarap. (applause)

Marami pa pong malikhaing konsepto na inilalapit sa atin at ating pinapatupad na. May mosquito trap na pinapatay ang mga kiti-kiti ng lamok, na siguro naman po ay may kinalaman sa halos labing-apat na porsiyentong pagbaba ng insidente ng dengue; may hibla ng niyog na itatapon na sana, pero puwede palang murang solusyon sa mga daanang madaling mabitak; may landslide sensor na magbababala kung tumataas na ang panganib na gumuho ang lupa; may mga kagamitang magbibigay ng senyales kung malapit nang umapaw ang tubig sa mga ilog. Lahat po nito, gawa ng Pilipino.

Pinag-aaralan na rin po ng DOST at UP ang pagkakaroon natin ng monorail system, (applause) para tugunan ang problema sa pangmalawakang transportasyon. Sa malikhaing pag-iisip ng kapwa Pilipino, may pag-asa pala tayong magtayo ng light rail system nang hindi hihigit sa 100 million pesos ang gagastusin kada kilometro. Sa matitipid na pondo, mas mahabang kilometro ng riles ang mailalatag at makaka-abot sa mga lugar na malayo sa sentro ng komersyo. Ang mga dating sumisiksik sa siyudad para maghanap ng trabaho, maaari nang tumira sa medyo mas malayo, nang hindi pahirapan ang biyahe.

Uulitin ko po: ang mungkahing ito ay galing sa kapwa natin Pilipino, para sa Pilipinas. Naaalala pa po ba ninyo ang panahon kung kailan ni hindi man lang maabot ng mga pangarap natin ang ganitong mga proyekto? Ngayon, sinasabi ko po sa inyo: pinapangarap natin ito, kaya natin ito, gagawin natin ito. Hindi ba tayo nagagalak, Pilipino tayong nabubuhay sa mga panahong ito? (applause)

Sa kabila ng lahat ng ito, huwag po sana nating lilimutin: masasayang lang ang lahat ng ating narating kung hindi tuluyang maiwawaksi ang kultura ng korupsyon na dinatnan natin.

Sa mga kapwa ko empleyado ng sambayanan, mula sa tuktok hanggang sa bawat sulok ng burukrasya: Di po ba’t napakarangal na ngayon ang magtrabaho sa gobyerno? Di po ba’t ngayon, sa halip na ikahiya, gusto mo pang isuot, kung minsan, ang iyong ID kung sumasakay ka ng bus o jeep papasok sa iyong ahensya? Sasayangin po ba natin ang karangalang kaloob sa atin ng sambayanan?

Iyan din po ang aking panawagan sa ating Local Government Units. Kabilang po ako sa mga sumasang-ayon na kayo ang pinaka-nakakaalam sa pangangailangan ng taumbayan sa inyong mga lungsod at munisipyo. Makakaasa po ang ating mga LGU sa higit na kalayaan at kakayahan, kung makakaasa rin tayong gagamitin ito sa tuwid na paraan, at isaalang-alang ang kapakanan ng buong sambayanan.

Halimbawa po, may ilang munisipyo na naisipang magbuwis sa mga transmission lines ng kuryente na dadaan sa kanilang mga pook. Magpapasok nga po ng kita sa kanilang lokal na kaban, pero kapalit nito, tataas din ang gastusin ng mas nakakaraming Pilipino sa kuryente. Tiwala po akong kaya nating balansehin ang interes ng inyong mga nasasakupan sa interes ng sambayanan.

Kailangan pong manatiling magkatugma ang ating mga programa, dahil ang ikauunlad ng buong bansa ay manganganak din ng resulta sa inyong mga pook. Wakasan na po sana natin ang agendang nakatuon sa susunod na eleksyon lamang, at ang kaisipang isla-isla tayong maihihiwalay ang sariling pagsulong sa pag-unlad ng bansa.

Tayo-tayo rin po ang dapat magtulungan tungo sa kaunlaran. Malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa Kongreso sa pagpapasa ng mga batas ukol sa GOCC Governance, ARMM Synchronization, Lifeline Electricity Rates Extension, (applause) Joint Congressional Power Commission Extension, Children and Infants’ Mandatory Immunization, at Women Night Workers at marami pa sigurong kasunod.

Noong isang taon nga po, nagpakitang-gilas ang Kongreso sa pagpasa ng budget bago matapos ang taon. Dahil dito, nasimulan agad ang mga proyekto at hindi na inabot ng tag-ulan. Bukas na bukas po, ihahain na namin sa lehislatura ang budget para sa susunod na taon. (applause) Umaasa po ako na muli kayong magpapakitang-gilas, upang tuluyan na nating mapitas ang bunga ng mga naitanim nating pagbabago.

Maganda na po ang ating nasimulan. Pero mahalaga pong maalala natin: simula pa lang ito. Marami pa tayong gagawin. Hayaan po ninyong ilatag ko sa Kongreso ang ilan sa mga batas na magpapaigting sa pagtupad ng ating mga panata sa bayan.

Layon nating bigyan ng kaukulang kompensasyon ang mga biktima ng Martial Law; (applause) ang pagkakaloob ng makatarungang pasahod at benepisyo para sa mga kasambahay; at ang pagpapatupad ng isang mas maayos na sistema ng pensyon para sa atin pong mga kawal. Sinusuportahan din natin ang pagpapalawak ng sakop ng scholarship na ipinagkakaloob ng DOST sa mahuhusay ngunit kapuspalad na mag-aaral; ang pagtataguyod ng pinaigting na pangkalahatang kalusugan; at ang pangangalaga sa ating kalikasan at sa mga pasilidad na titiyak sa kaligtasan ng mga mamamayan sa oras ng sakuna.

Kabilang din po sa ating agenda ang pagpapalakas ng Bureau of Corrections, ng National Bureau of Investigation, ng National Electrification Administration, at pati na rin po ang PTV 4, upang sa halip na mapag-iwanan ng kaalaman at panahon, mas maayos nilang magagampanan ang kanilang pagbibigay-serbisyo sa publiko.

Hindi ko po nailagay ang lahat ng gustong magpasali ng kanilang adbokasiya dito sa SONA. Pero kumpleto po ang detalye sa budget at budget message. Sa mga interesado po, pakibasa na lang po ang detalye doon.

May mga nagsasabing pinepersonal ko raw ang paghahabol sa mga tiwali. Totoo po: Personal talaga sa akin ang paggawa ng tama, (applause) at ang pagpapanagot sa mga gumagawa ng mali—sino man sila. At hindi lamang dapat ako namemersonal sa usaping ito. Personal dapat ito sa ating lahat, dahil bawat Pilipino ay biktima nito. (applause)

Ang mali—gaano katagal man ito nanatili—ay mali pa rin. Hindi puwedeng, “Oks lang." Hindi puwedeng, "Wala lang iyan.” Kapag kinalimutan natin ang mga ito, mangyayari lang ulit ang mga kamalian ng nakaraan. Kung hindi magbabayad ang mga nagkasala, parang tayo na rin mismo ang nag-imbita sa mga nagbabalak gumawa ng masama na kung puwede ulitin niyo ang ginawa niyo. (applause)

Ang totoo nga po, marami pang kalokohan ang nahahalungkat natin. Pero hindi na ho tayo magpapakahaba doon, bigyan ko na lang kayo ng isang halimbawa. Sa PAGCOR: kape. Isang bilyong piso po ang ginastos ng dating pamunuan ng ahensya para sa kape. Sa isandaang piso na lang po kada tasa, lalabas na nakakonsumo sila ng sampung milyong tasa ng kape, (laughter) baka po kahit ngayong iba na ang pamunuan ng PAGCOR… (applause) ngayong iba na ang pamunuan ng PAGCOR, baka po dilat na dilat pa rin ang mata ng mga uminom ng kapeng ito. (applause) Hanapin nga po natin sila, at magtanong: nakakatulog pa po kayo? (laughter)

Pagpasok ng bagong Ombudsman na si dating Supreme Court Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales, (long applause) magkakaroon tayo ng tanod-bayan na hindi magiging tanod-bayad ng mga nagwawang-wang sa pamahalaan. Inaasahan ko nga po na sa taon na ito, masasampahan na ng kaso ang lahat maraming nagkuntsabahan sa katiwalian, at naging sanhi ng situwasyong ating inabutan. Tapos na rin po ang panahon kung kailan nagsasampa ang gobyerno ng malalabnaw na kaso. Kapag tayo ang nagsampa, matibay ang ebidensya, malinaw ang testimonya, at siguradong walang lusot ang salarin. (applause)

Tutok po tayo na ang pagkakamit ng ganap na katarungan ay hindi natatapos sa pagsasakdal kundi sa pagkukulong ng maysala. Buo ang kumpiyansa ko na tinutupad ng Department of Justice ang malaki nilang bahagi upang maipiit ang mga salarin, lalo na sa mga kaso ukol sa tax evasion, drug trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling, graft and corruption, at extrajudicial killings. (applause)

Wala pong tsamba: ang tapat at mabuting pamamahala ay nanganganak ng mabuti ring resulta. Isipin po ninyo: naipatupad natin ang mga ipinangakong serbisyo ng gobyerno, at nakapaglaan pa ng sapat na pondo para sa mga proyekto nang hindi kinakailangang magtaas ng buwis.

Iyan naman po talaga ang plano: siguruhin na patas ang laban; itigil ang panlalamang ng mga makapangyarihan; at tiyakin na ang dating sistema kung saan nakikinabang ang iilan ay magiging bukal na oportunidad para sa lahat.

Tinutuldukan na po natin ang wang-wang: sa kalsada, sa gobyerno, sa kalakhang lipunan. Ito po ang manganganak ng kumpiyansa na magdadala ng negosyo; ito rin ang sisiguro na ang pondo ng taumbayan ay mapupunta sa dapat nitong kalagyan: Imprastruktura na titiyak sa tuluyang pag-angat ng ekonomiya at pagmumulan ng trabaho, at serbisyong panlipunan na sisigurong walang mapapag-iwanan. Bubukas ang marami pang pintuang pangkabuhayan sa pamamagitan ng turismo; sisiguruhing hindi magugutom ang Pilipino sa pagpapalakas ng agrikultura. Ang mga dating kinakaligtaan, bibigyang-puhunan ang kinabukasan.

Magbubunsod ito ng siklo kung saan tiyak na may pupuno sa mga nalilikhang trabaho, at may mga konsumer na lalong magpapalago sa mga negosyo.

Batid ko po na hanggang ngayon ay may kakaunti pang nagrereklamo sa ating estilo ng pamamahala. Nakita po ninyo ang aming estilo, at ang kaakibat nitong resulta. Nakita po ninyo ang estilo nila, at kung saan tayo nito dinala. Sa mga taong bukas ang mata, maliwanag kung saan ang tama.

Ngayong tayo na ang nagtitimon sa gobyerno, malinaw ang direksyong tinatahak ng ating bayan. Isang bansa kung saan ang pagkakataon ay abot-kamay; kung saan ang mga nangangailangan ay sinasaklolohan; kung saan may saysay ang bawat patak ng pawis, bawat sandali ng pagtitiis, at bawat butil ng hinagpis na dinaanan natin. Kung may gawin kang mabuti, may babalik sa iyong mabuti. At kung may gawin kang masama, tiyak na mananagot ka. (applause)

Naaalala ko nga po ang isang ginang na lumapit sa akin noong kampanya; ang babala niya, “Noy, mag-iingat ka, marami kang kinakabangga.”

Tama po ang sinabi niya: Tao po akong may agam-agam din. Pero wala po akong alinlangang tumahak sa tuwid na daan: Buo ang loob ko dahil alam kong nasa likod ko po kayo. Salamat po. (applause)

Salamat po sa mga pari at obispo na masinsinang nakipagdiyalogo sa atin, katulad nina Cardinal Rosales at Vidal. Di naman po kami ganoong kalapit ni Cardinal Rosales, pero naniwala akong ibinuhos niya ang lahat para mabawasan ang hindi pinagkakaunawaan ng gobyerno at simbahan. Sa paghahalal kay Archbishop Palma, tagapagtanggol ng karapatang pantao at kalikasan, lalo pong tumibay ang aking kumpiyansang ugnayan, at hindi bangayan, ang mabubuo sa pagitan ng estado at simbahan. (applause)

Salamat din po sa ating Gabinete, na walang kinikilalang panahon ng tulog o pahinga, maipatupad lang ang pambansang agenda. Special mention po ang PAGASA, na tunay na ngayong nagbibigay ng maaasahang babala. (applause)

At sa mga nasasagasaan po natin sa landas ng katapatan at integridad sa pamamahala, ito naman po ang aking masasabi: Pinili ninyo ang landas kung saan naaapi ang sambayanan. Pinili naman namin ang landas na ipagtanggol ang taumbayan. (applause) Nasa tama po kami; nasa mali kayo. Sa inyong magbabalik ng pang-aapi sa sambayan, hindi kayo magtatagumpay. (applause)

Sa lahat ng mga kasama natin sa tuwid na daan: Kayo ang lumikha ng pagkakataong baguhin ang dinatnan, at gawing mas maganda ang ipapamana natin sa susunod na salinlahi ng mga Pilipino. Kayo pong mga tsuper na pumapasada pa rin; kayong mga guro at estudyanteng pauwi pa lang mula sa klase; kayong patuloy ang paglikha ng mga obrang nagpapaalab sa apoy ng ating pagka-Pilipino; kayong mga pulis, sundalo, kaminero at bumbero; kayong mga marangal na magtrabaho, sa Pilipinas man, sa gitnang dagat, o sa ibang bansa; kayong mga tapat na kasama natin sa gobyerno, anumang probinsya o partido; kayong mga Pilipinong nakikinig sa akin ngayon—kayo po ang lumikha ng pagkakataong ito.

Lumikha po kayo ng gobyernong tunay na nagtatrabaho para sa inyo. May limang taon pa tayo para siguraduhing hindi na tayo babalik sa dating kalagayan. Hindi tayo magpapadiskaril ngayong napakaganda na ng resulta ng ating sinimulan.

Kapag may nakita tayong butas sa sistema, huwag na po tayo magtangkang lumusot. Huwag na nating daanin sa pakiusap ang madadaan sa pagsisikap. Tama na ang unahan, tama na ang tulakan, tama na ang lamangan, dahil lahat naman po tayo ay makakarating sa minimithi nating kinabukasan.

Tapusin na po natin ang kultura ng negatibismo; iangat natin ang kapwa-Pilipino sa bawat pagkakataon. Bakit po ang iba, ang hilig maghanap ng kung anu-anong pangit sa ating bayan? At napakahirap—parang kasalanan—na magsabi ng maganda? Naalala pa po ba natin noong huling beses tayong pumuri sa kapwa Pilipino?

Itigil na po natin ang paghihilahan pababa. Ang dating industriya ng pintasan na hindi natin maitakwil, iwaksi na po natin. Tuldukan na po natin ang pagiging utak-alimango; puwede bang iangat naman natin ang magaganda nating nagawa?

Kung may nakita kang mabuti, huwag kang magdalawang-isip na purihin ito. Kapag nakita mo ang pulis sa kanto, nagtatrapik nang walang kapote sa ilalim ng ulan, lapitan mo naman sana at sabihing, “Salamat po.”

Kung magkasakit ka at makita mo ang nars na nag-aruga sa iyo, sa halip na magserbisyo sa dayuhan kapalit ng mas malaking suweldo, pakisabi rin po, “Salamat po.” (applause)

Bago ka umuwi galing eskuwela, lapitan mo ang guro mong piniling mamuhunan sa iyong kinabukasan kaysa unahin ang sariling ginhawa; sabihin mo, “Salamat po.” Tulad ng aking guro, "Salamat po, Ginang Escasa." (applause)

Kung makasalubong mo ang iyong kinatawan sa kalsadang dati ay lubak-lubak, at ngayon ay puwede nang daanan nang maaliwalas, lapitan mo siya at sabihing: “Salamat po.”

Kaya po, sa sambayanang Pilipino, ang aking Boss na nagtimon sa atin tungo sa araw na ito: maraming, maraming salamat po sa pagbabagong tinatamasa natin ngayon.

Buhay na buhay na ang Pilipinas at ang Pilipino.

Magandang hapon po. (applause)
President Aquino SONA 2011
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