Saturday, January 22, 2011

Enjoying Under the Sun

Everyday, I am drown with so much stress from work. My only pastime that keeps me relax is when I do have commune with water. When I do go home directly, I do submerge myself in the water at the swimming pool which is located at the back part of our house. Being under the heat of the sun is more enjoyable because there are lots of things that I really enjoy while I am in the waters.

Just like the way I dropped my pressures of the world, the water is the outlet that I am nourished and feeling okay. In fact, the water gives me the ease of living a happy life while all are in the place of wonderful waters. I feel its coldness. I have felt its warmth and I even feel how the coldness of the water touches my skin and makes me feel alive.

That is why, I am in the breath of enjoying life and giving myself a break with nature is the most worthy experience I always got. Life is indeed display happy moment.

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