Saturday, January 22, 2011


Out from the busy life that I have, all I do I offer it all to my God, Lord Jesus Christ. For all the wonderful blessings that He continuously bestowed on me everyday is what I am much thankful for. In fact, I am happy of my work now and all the things that are happening in my life now, I have realized that there is really a time for everything. The waiting should be always at my side. Then worries should not prevail in one's heart. Indeed, the world is a battlefield of many approaches and challenges that drive many to pursue with much purpose and will.

God is so good for making me so special and worthy in all aspects. My work, my family, my life, my spirit is what I owe to God and I am happy that I am blessed with bountiful blessings.

That is why, no matter what kind of life one is living, whether it be filled with much problems or worries, there is always the One that directs everyone in all happiness and aspect of living. I am very much in great gratitude now.

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