Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two hours of TV-watching boosts heart risk. (View)

A recent study has been aired in the famous site in the Internet. It discusses the nature of people who are engaged in watching TV for hours will result to heart risk. It stated that people who spend more than two hours per day of leisure time watching television or sitting in front of a screen face double the risk of heart disease and higher risk of dying, a new study said.

Researchers said the effect was seen regardless of how much people exercised, indicating that how we choose to spend our free time away from work has a huge impact on our overall health. In addition, the news reported that those spending just two or more hours per day in front of screen after work, they also found a 125 percent higher risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack.

That is why, I have realized why I am in the point of taking the risk of sometimes feeling shortness of breaths. It is probably because I am spending many hours watching TV. It is really an unhealthy habit. Now, this alarms me to really do exercise when non-working hours dominates the day.

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