Thursday, February 17, 2011

David Harry: My sister's precious angel.

I am very much happy that my sister successfully delivered her baby boy named David Harry last February 15, 2011. Before the labor comes, there are lots of preparations that my sister and her husband made. Aside from preparing the baby's clothes, they are much worried when is really the labor day for my sister because the doctor told them (my sister and his husband) that the target date for her to give birth is on February 06, thus, my sister lapsed for many days and so the doctor advised her to have induced labor.

I am very much happy that the delivery is successful. In fact, she is that much happy even though, the stitches of her labor makes her feel painful, but all are worth it because the baby successfully delivered.

It is really prayers and trust from God that makes all things possible. I am very much happy for my sister and I am very much excited now that I am able to be called aunt. I have a cute nephew. I feel so great to be recognized as such.

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