Thursday, March 3, 2011

U.S. contemplates options as Libyan unrest continues

The conflict of Libya has not come into a closure as Muammar Gaddafi, the President of the country will not go down from his presidency because of power and selfishness. The Libyan individuals are still suffering from this turmoil that they don't have much option but to face the risk of what their president has caused them to suffer.

The only country that dominantly help is America. The US armies are minding and are concern about what is happening in Libya. In fact, USA is sending their armies to face the battle and help the Libyan people to gain justice and democracy. In connection with this, the Americans are giving its best to help and reach out to meet the needs of the Libyan individuals.

American troops are sent into harms way to fight wars that have nothing to do with America. The troops return with serious wounds or their minds have been destroyed by the anguish of combat and the VA treats them with disrepect and arrogance. All because America sticks it's nose in where it does not belong.

That is a fact that this country must face.

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