Saturday, April 30, 2011

Teaching Strategy: Discussion

The far most common strategy that most of the teachers in delivering their lessons to the students is the form of a discussion. But how does discussion become an atmosphere that the students would love?

Teaching is not merely for the sake of giving the information and that is it. It is more about how the teacher gives the lesson in a more effective way that the students would love the way she teaches.

There are varieties of ways to stimulate discussion. There is the nature that the whole group discussion that refreshes the students’ memories about the assigned reading. There is also this way that the students list points and issues that questions stem from the assigned reading.

Indeed, the way teacher leads the discussion strategy should center more on the student activity. He should throw more questions that the students will be directed to a specific point. In this way, there is interplays both that happens of the learner and the learning process. It is through formulating Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) questions that the students stir their minds to think for what is the point and how would that questions lead them to answer and in what manner. Students as well can be the source of the questioning effect. They can also asks questions but most of the time, it is solely the teacher would simulate the rolling of the questions.

Higher Order Thinking Skill questions always start with How…?, Why…?, In what way…?, If you were…? It is also best that you will provide a certain situation before you pose the questions. This will help the students develop their creative thinking skill ability.

Discussion as strategy in teaching is not more focus on the teacher activity. There should be more involvement of the students and the teacher will just act like a facilitator.

Higher Order Thinking Skill questions discriminate the use of What…?, Where…?, Who…? in questioning. HOTS is more on igniting the curiosity of the student into the highest level of thinking and reasoning.

Thus, if all the Discussion Strategy of the teacher be like this, then there is a lively atmosphere in the classroom environment and the students will not deprive themselves in learning. They will always have that “feel” to go to attend classes and go to school everyday.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Griffon Forest Lodges

The soul of this Earth has an invigorating spirit that will take you to a place that drives to the sense of what is really life like in the warmth and embrace of nature.

Out from the many common destinations around the world, the only place that shares serene and tranquil state of we-time is the place that is located in the extraordinary place in the forest.

The forest is not the sanctuary for wild life. It is a friendly atmosphere for all sorts of invigorating peace. When one wants to seek the self and meditate or if he wants to spend time thinking, gaining that peace of mind, the soul destination is the forest.

That is why, there are many travelers who believe that still the forest donates the soul-enriching feeling out from the pressures in this world and staying in Griffon Forest Lodges is the assured, reliable and secured option to get the best out from their stay.

The kind of home that they enjoy is not far from the home they have experienced from staying at the beaches, hotels, or totally at their own homes.

Staying and feeling the nature's warmth and embrace in the forest is a fulfilling experience that can't be stolen through time.

The day before the wedding. (Kate Middleton)

Indeed, this bride-to-be, Kate Middleton spends time with her family a day before the wedding. She will be spending the night with her family at the very prestigious hotel. She will be spending her last night as a single woman ahead of the royal wedding on April 28, 2011 in London, England.

But I can't wait for the wedding day celebration. In fact, I am always turning all the media resources at home, the computer and the television to grasp what is happening of the day of this event.

I am very much excited to witness the grand wedding of today's history.

The Importance of Life Insurance

In this life which everything is dwelling with no enough reason and manifestations of what might happen to one's life everyday, it is a must to know effectively what should one do in order to gain much something from it.

There are many things that the need to consider is always a priority. One tops the league is through the assured affiliation of one and be secured to have in life. Why? This is the only assurance that one will truly be safeguard from all the inequities of life.

Life is unpredictable. People don't know what will happen to them in the future or what assurance they would get if they will not be sufficiently guarding themselves in whatever might come along the way.

They should always focus on where to cling to when the needs arise. They should have that sure assurance on where do they run in the midst of inefficiencies. They should aspire to hope for the better future because no one will have all that might in seeking for what is perfectly be the best of all.

In life, there are lots of wonderful choices and to be secured is the first step for a brighter future.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ferry Marina: Take you to a nice cruise.

Aside from exploring the place in land, there are something that one will truly discover the beauty of the waters. A big consideration to see what is in the waters is a sort of a great discovery.

Many people are in the blast of taking the whole world in full capture. In fact, their unstoppable business of traveling heightened its way even to the peak of their discovery.

It is an accomplishment to see what is on land and in water. This kind of exploration entails the need for one to fully have the total feel for life's journey. But there are those also who wants to have that time exploring the wonders of the water and how the environment of the waters sustains the surrounding life.

It is with all best possibilities to take the hands of time in discovering what composes waters through journeying that wondrous moment with Ferry Marina. Their services take you until the depth of your water discovery. Then, you will then realize that there are more to life than what lands has to offer, that there are many to enjoy of the environment of the waters.

I love to see how beautifully crafted life is when all are in the right track of making every move works. The best that comes from life is to see in ultimate view what the waters have to give for you and me.

Is Harry single or not? (opinion)

Because of the Prince William and Kate Middleton fever this month, the sure fire that speculates most of the minds of the people especially to the women is that, “Is Harry single or not?”

According to the facts that I have gathered, Harry’s on-off girlfriend Chelsy Davy will accompany him to William's marriage to Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29. It clearly shows that this special woman of Harry is taking a big part of his life.

Prince Harry even shared to the public in one of the occasion on his 21st birthday saying that he finds the girl special. But he keeps in silence because he doesn’t want to break that habit in the weeks leading up to his brother's wedding. Thus, this leaves the speculation a question that waits for an answer.

Just like Prince William, it is very obvious that Harry will also be walking down that aisle with the woman she loves. But Harry’s understanding of the event of his brother’s big wedding celebration calls him to quiet and leaves the people left questions on when he will be vowing “I dos” with the one he loves.

Anyway, we are all sweethearts. Harry’s love story will be next in line to many to fervently wait and cover.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beckham, top-paid soccer player in the world

The achievement of the soccer player paved the way for the rise of his career as a soccer player. Gloried with many blessings, he is now hailed as the top-paid soccer player.

It is evident that Beckham has all the earnings as he earns player in the world with total earnings of $40 million last year. It can be shown that he is the linked like Electronic Arts and Diet Pepsi, Yahoo, Adidas, ObyO. Coty, Go3’s Omega-3 and many others.

With his dedication and hard-work of the passion he loves, soccer, he undauntedly earned all the wealth and pleasures in this world.

Therefore, it pays to be a high-paid soccer player. All the efforts of playing and making everyone’s expectation on the win is something that a player like Beckham is striving to realized and that he is successful with his cause.

The glory is all his and that his winning donates more happiness to his family. But what really do matter in life is winning in all aspects of challenges and journeys in which one is braising to survive into. The only way is that it doesn’t take always to be on the win just to be famous and recognized. What is important is the heart that truly sacrifices and gives.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sample Rubrics for English Activities

Rubrics are very important in evaluating and measuring the performance of the students in oral and writing activities. The criteria are needed. It will serve as the basis to which approach does the graded part will be given emphasis. I hope that these sample Rubrics will serve as a guide in your activities for evaluation purposes.

Rubrics on Group Activity
Promptness to assemble and finish task on time – 2.5 points
Member’s cooperation in the discussion and work – 2.5 points
Clarity and smoothness in the discussion of the topic/task with the class – 2.5 points
Use of English in the discussion – 2.5 points
Total Points – 10

Rubric for Reading Part of a Story
Pronounce words correctly and clearly – 4 points
Give natural expressions to the emotions in the story – 3 points
Show natural conversation intonation among the other characters – 3 points
Total Points – 10 points

Rubrics for Reader’s Theater
Correct pronunciation and enunciation – 5 points
Reading with expressions and proper use of hands, heads, and voices (Variation) – 5 points
Natural flow of conversation among characters – 5 points
Readiness and promptness (Variation) – 5 points
Total – 20 points

Rubric for Parts-of-Speech Poem
Follow guidelines – 2 points
Article + noun
Adjective + conjunction
Verb + conjunction + verb
Noun (Relating to the noun in the first line line)
Sensible ideas (topic) in composition – 3 points
Vocabulary choice (appropriateness, high sounding) – 3 points
Spelling, Neatness – 2 points
Total Points – 10

Rubrics for Assessing Friendship Portfolio
Mechanics in writing (penmanship, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, margin, indention and neatness) – 3 points
Content (interesting, richness) – 3 points
Vocabulary used (high sounding) – 2 points
Organization (Smooth flow in the presentation of ideas) – 3 points
Total Points – 10

Rubric for the Assessment of Book Report
Correctness of Information about the book (Part 1) – 5 points
Mechanics in writing the summary (penmanship, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, margin, indention, neatness) – 5 points
Content (interesting, richness) – 8 points
Organization (smooth flow in the presentation of ideas) – 7 points
Total Points – 25 points

Rubrics for Storytelling
Poise (confidence, naturalness) – 2 points
Voice and diction – 2 points
Clarity of events in the story – 5 points
Vocabulary used – 2 points
Correctness in grammar – 4 points
Total points – 15 points

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

No one beats the original.

That is what I have thought after reading the news that centered on the issue of the “Superman Returns” which Bryan Singer, the director-producer of this film, is admitting that he made some mistakes with his own film.

The idea of the “Superman Returns” views about a romantic scene which the audience “don’t feel” the idea of coming out of the kind of a concept. There is also that part of the scene which the crowd criticized. The portion that shows LexLuthor (Kevin Spacey) stabs Superman with a shard of kryptonite and the two actors don’t appear onscreen again for the rest of the movie. Singer considers to insert a religious analogy which the audience “might” not want the concept of coming out of the idea such as that. But despite the disappointing performance of Superman Returns, Singer is still proud of the film.

Of course, the work of Singer doesn’t come up of such a film without offering efforts of it. It is diversely made for the purpose of showing what more does Superman has eventhough the original beats the fad. It is just so easy to criticize but as of my part, it is very essential to consider the efforts behind-the-scenes of the event that makes the film worth revealing for. The work of Singer of being the director-producer of the Superman Returns shows another face of story with a touch of art and some concepts, making the idea extraordinary for the audience to love and comprehend. But whatever the results of the film, it is a way of an art. There is still efforts presented and without the brilliant ideas and crafts of the artists, there is no such Superman Returns that will exist to reveal to an audience now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last Supper was a day earlier, scientist claims (reaction)

Some facts have been presented with the topic that speculates on the life of Jesus. Recent study shows that Christians have long celebrated Jesus Christ's Last Supper on Maundy Thursday but new research released Monday claims to show it took place on the Wednesday before the crucifixion.

It was the study of Professor Colin Humphreys, a scientist at the University of Cambridge that tells the people that the mix-up of dates is said to be due to the calendars being used by Mark, Matthew and Luke which John may have been using a different calendar as well. That is why, all those dates are not coinciding with the true days of the exact time the events happened.

The people in the olden times usethe old-fashioned Jewish calendar rather than the official lunar calendar which has been commonly used nowadays.

Humphrey added that the Passover meal and the Last Supper is happening both on a Wednesday. He also said that it would follow that Jesus' arrest, interrogation and separate trials did not all take place in the space of one night but in fact occurred over a longer period.

But as of my side, whatever the dates dictates, it is of most vital that people adore Christ Jesus everyday of their lives. This special event of the Holy Week calls for everyone to fully come back to Christ and to recognize his Kingdom. It is a time for total repentance, forgiveness and submission of oneself to God as He lets Himself crucifies and die for us in the cross. That act that Jesus did is His way of telling us that He loved us and He is always there for us.

That is why, no matter what dates that may be, what is important is the people’s spirit to worship and adore Christ at all times of our lives.

Types of Enduring Understanding

The Understanding by Design (UbD) is a kind of process that embraces the understanding state of making the flow of the instruction that students will really have the chance to fully discover the lesson in focus of enhancing and learning through comprehending the topics being given by their teacher.

But it is very much important to fully recognize the types of Enduring Understanding processes so that the teacher will make more effective the instruction he is giving for the welfare of the students.

The first type is the so called Overarching Understandings. These understandings point beyond the specifies of a unit to the larger, transferable insights teachers want students to acquire. They often reflect yearlong course or K-12 program understandings. The specific topics, events, or texts of the unit are typically not mentioned in the overarching understandings.

In constructing the Overarching Understanding type of Enduring Understanding, here are some of the examples:

The modern novels overturns many traditional story elements and norms to provide a more authentic and engaging narrative.
Mathematics allows us to see patterns that might have remained unseen.

Price is a function of supply and demand.
The second type is called Topical Understandings. They are subject- and topic- specific. They focus on the particular insights teachers want students to acquire about the topic within a unit of study. They are less likely to transfer to other topics.

Unit on Catcher in the Rye
Holden Caulfield is an alienated antihero, not simply a weird kid who mistrusts adults.

Unit on Statistics
Statistical analysis and graphic displays often reveal patterns in seemingly random data or populations, enabling predictions.

Unit on Money (Elementary)
The cost of a Beanie Baby depends on demand and availability at any given time.

These are some of the well-set kind of Enduring Understanding processes that help the teacher make their instruction purposeful and effective.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kind of Rubric: Holistic Rubric

A Holistic Rubric is the kind that provides and overall impression of a student’s work. It yields a single score or rating for a product or performance. It should be well suited to judging simple products or performances, such as a student’s response to an open-ended test prompt. It should provide a quick snapshot of overall quality or achievement and they should often use in large-scale assessment contexts to evaluate a large number of student responses. Furthermore, this kind of rubric is very effective in judging the effect of a product or performance. Unfortunately, this kind of rubric doesn’t provide a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a product or performance. Because a single score is generally inadequate for conveying to students what they have done well and what they need to work on to improve, scores are less effective at providing specific feedback to students.

Example for Holistic Rubric for Graphic Display of Data

3 – All data are accurately represented on the graph. All parts of the graph (units of measurement, rows) are correctly labeled. The graph contains a title that clearly tells what the data show. The graph is very neat and easy to read.

2 – Data are accurately represented on the graph or the graph contains minor errors. All parts of the graph are correctly labeled or the graph contains minor inaccuracies. The graph contains a title that generally tells what the data show. The graph is generally neat and readable.

1 – The data are inaccurately represented, contain major errors or are missing. Only some parts of the graph are correctly labeled, or labels are missing. The title does not reflect what the data show, or the title is missing. The graph is sloppy and difficult to read.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Instant No Fax Payday Loans

All is set well.

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Why are Payday Loans needed and important? Of course, when one is really in the need of money and all have that desire to fully grasp what they really wanted, payday loans are to the rescue.

It is because of Instant No Fax Payday Loans that caters to provide all the needs and the right stuff. It is the place where they find answers to every questions. That is why, Payday Advance is this accessible. If you want thorough information of this matter, seek the help of this ad and search more into its facts.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What is Enduring Understanding?

One of the main aspect that I should consider as a teacher is how to make the learning plan (LP). But one of the parts of making that Learning Plan is to provide the Enduring Understanding (EU). What then is Enduring Understanding?

An Enduring Understanding is made up of the concepts, principles and theories that weave many facts into revealing and useful patterns. It involves the organizing priority ideas that enable us to make sense of past lessons, conduct current inquiry and create new knowledge. It is that such understanding endures in that they enable us to make vital and informative connections in one’s learning – as students and as adults. Furthermore, an understanding is an inference, not a fact. It is an insight derived from inquiry. Key understandings in intellectual fields often violate common sense and conventional wisdom. They are thus often prone to misunderstanding by students. Thus, these understandings therefore, can’t be covered; they must be covered. Moreover, though skill-based teaching in mathematics, foreign language, and physical education does not seem to deal with “understandings” in most units, all skills derive their value from the strategic principles that help us know when and how to use the skill. The understandings also justify the use of a skill and enable the student to extend the use of skill to new situations. It is a generalization derived from inquiry. It is the specific insight that should be inferred from study of the topic - what one wants the student leaving the study to realize. Furthermore, enduring understanding of a unit might be that there is no single agreed-upon understanding, or that people disagree about how the issues, facts, text should be understood.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Classic Mailboxes, Classic Mailboxes and Keystone Mailboxes

It is very important to secure post mails in the right location so that they will be delivered to the right receiver.

People can't deny the fact that mails are also available eventhough that the presence of the use of Internet is massively spreading.

Posts man are also in demand because of the numerous mails from persons who still believe of the world of mails, though computer and technological advancement are on the rise.

That is why, Classic Mailboxes are available to keep in place all the mails that has been delivered at home or in the offices. Furtrhermore, postmen are not in great lose when they place the mails in the Gainves Maiboxes. Moreover, the availability of the Keystone Mailboxes are also in demand because they securely locate and keep the mails in the right setting and location with the designated houses and offices.

Eventhough the days of technologies are always on the rise, the discovery of the use of mailboxes are not obselete. In fact, the availability is still alive and present.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pool Supplies: Best safeguard to dress your pool.

The pleasure one can get out from diving into the pool leaves a refreshing experience for a lifetime. That is why, enjoying the waters are a lot of once-in-a-lifetime experience of a soothing one.

The comforts of playing of waters in the swimming pool comes from the quality of materials being used. Just like the presence of the use of the Pool Supplies like the Pool Floor Padding, Winter Pool Covers and Pool Covers. It adds up to the safety and comfort of the children and family taking time in the pool.

It is a fact that the happiness of a joyous living boils to the completeness of its stuffs that brings quality. It gives the glow of a living with no worries and doubts of its security.

It is a big part to consider putting and adding all these things in your swimming pool because no one wants and no one can afford to dwell into the place where there is lots of inefficiency that might drive to serious accident.

The best way is to shelter the family with the right protection and guidance through using pool supplies.
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