Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

No one beats the original.

That is what I have thought after reading the news that centered on the issue of the “Superman Returns” which Bryan Singer, the director-producer of this film, is admitting that he made some mistakes with his own film.

The idea of the “Superman Returns” views about a romantic scene which the audience “don’t feel” the idea of coming out of the kind of a concept. There is also that part of the scene which the crowd criticized. The portion that shows LexLuthor (Kevin Spacey) stabs Superman with a shard of kryptonite and the two actors don’t appear onscreen again for the rest of the movie. Singer considers to insert a religious analogy which the audience “might” not want the concept of coming out of the idea such as that. But despite the disappointing performance of Superman Returns, Singer is still proud of the film.

Of course, the work of Singer doesn’t come up of such a film without offering efforts of it. It is diversely made for the purpose of showing what more does Superman has eventhough the original beats the fad. It is just so easy to criticize but as of my part, it is very essential to consider the efforts behind-the-scenes of the event that makes the film worth revealing for. The work of Singer of being the director-producer of the Superman Returns shows another face of story with a touch of art and some concepts, making the idea extraordinary for the audience to love and comprehend. But whatever the results of the film, it is a way of an art. There is still efforts presented and without the brilliant ideas and crafts of the artists, there is no such Superman Returns that will exist to reveal to an audience now.

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