Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last Supper was a day earlier, scientist claims (reaction)

Some facts have been presented with the topic that speculates on the life of Jesus. Recent study shows that Christians have long celebrated Jesus Christ's Last Supper on Maundy Thursday but new research released Monday claims to show it took place on the Wednesday before the crucifixion.

It was the study of Professor Colin Humphreys, a scientist at the University of Cambridge that tells the people that the mix-up of dates is said to be due to the calendars being used by Mark, Matthew and Luke which John may have been using a different calendar as well. That is why, all those dates are not coinciding with the true days of the exact time the events happened.

The people in the olden times usethe old-fashioned Jewish calendar rather than the official lunar calendar which has been commonly used nowadays.

Humphrey added that the Passover meal and the Last Supper is happening both on a Wednesday. He also said that it would follow that Jesus' arrest, interrogation and separate trials did not all take place in the space of one night but in fact occurred over a longer period.

But as of my side, whatever the dates dictates, it is of most vital that people adore Christ Jesus everyday of their lives. This special event of the Holy Week calls for everyone to fully come back to Christ and to recognize his Kingdom. It is a time for total repentance, forgiveness and submission of oneself to God as He lets Himself crucifies and die for us in the cross. That act that Jesus did is His way of telling us that He loved us and He is always there for us.

That is why, no matter what dates that may be, what is important is the people’s spirit to worship and adore Christ at all times of our lives.

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